Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bravery vs Idiocy

It's a fine line, isn't it? Between bravery and idiocy?

Every now and then we make a choice. 

To some people- that choice would be brave. Jumping off a bridge, tied to a bungee cord, is brave, according to some people. 

That same thing would be idiotic to someone else.
What if the rope breaks? What if you fall?

Is it as simple as that though? 

Surely there's a grey area? An area where you can do foolish, foolish things, and not think about them?

I'm 25. I am brave- I moved to London, I jump on planes alone, I met A's family and didn't cry.  

I'm also idiotic. In my time, I've kissed inappropriate men. I've been for drinks with random men, I've walked home alone at night (in heels), I've drunk dialed.
(But couldn't you say that all of those things are brave too?)

And there's the grey area, where I've stood and said no to opportunities some would say are too good to miss, I've quit, I've STARTED, I've been "too" drunk and alone. I've been exhilarated by my options, and terrified by my choices.

It seems to me that there's also a line between contentment and complacency. And i'm happy with the former, but scared by the latter. 

So here I am. Standing on the bridge. Ready to jump. Decisions to make.

What if I fall?

But what if I fly?


  1. It really is a fine line, isn't it? I'm going on exchange to England next year and I'm incredibly nervous but I'm trying to view it as a 'brave' thing, whereas a lot of my friends view it as 'silly' because I'm essentially putting my life and friendships here on's a tough one, but everyone needs a balance, hey?

  2. The worst (best?) thing of all is that line is different for every single one of us: only you know where your line is, whether you want to throw yourself off the bridge or not. And me saying jump - which I am by the way - might be so utterly our your comfort zone that you just won't.
    As always this is beautifully articulated and you've nailed that feeling in words, sending you all the luck and decision making bravery I possess.
    M x

  3. Yes. So, so true. I have certainly been both, and no doubt will be both again in the future - that's the definition of taking a risk is, isn't it? And what makes life exciting. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  4. I actually can't really relate to this... I don't think any of those examples are idiotic! Idiotic would be like not indicating at a roundabout (I hate those people). I just don't think bravery and idiocy link, and it really is down to each person. So what if you try and it doesn't go your way? Doesn't make it idiotic, still makes it brave though xo

    1. An interesting view, Amber! I think you're right on some of my "idiotic" ideas- though I maintain that walking home alone at night isn't a sensible idea for anyone...

  5. The line is incredibly fine, and I find that a lot of the time you don't realise if it's bravery or idiocy until after you've mad a decision! I definitely think that it's better to take the leap though, and risk it. Chances are things will be amazing, and if they aren't, well, at least you tried!

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  6. I like to think of it less as a line but more of a Venn diagram. This is a really interesting post and food for thought!

    Sara Bloo xo


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