Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Morning Thoughts

It's early. I was at my desk by 7:45- not unheard of at the moment, and not painful because of my morning person tendencies- but still, frustrating. 

I carried my handbag, full of fruit and a pot of yoghurt for a desk-breakfast. And my running kit, as I'd promised I would. We'd agreed we'd run together. I'm not sure why I agreed- perhaps a strange kind of emotional masochism?

I sat opposite a woman I'd seen before. Painfully thin, she gets off at my stop, and I've seen her around the building. I have no idea who she is, or what she does, but we've sat opposite each other on a number of occasions. 

And today, a new face. A good looking guy in cycling clothes (on the tube?), who I spot sneaking glances at me. We get off at the same stop and he follows me down the street. I don't notice when he turns off, but I suddenly notice he's no longer behind me, and wonder. 

I get to the office. Doors unlocked, swipe access only. I was the last out last night, but G returned to lock up. I'm the second in this morning, and revel in the silence. Just me, my PC, and the clock noisily ticking away, reminding me that half of my team are likely to still be in bed. 

I breathe. Log in. And prepare. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Morning Thoughts

Things have been strange lately. Some serious dramas have led to me pulling back from an awful lot of things- Facebook went about five weeks ago, this blog was taken down for a wee while, and about the only social media channel I was regularly updating was Instagram.

It seemed for a while that things wouldn't be the same ever again.

To be honest, it has actually become clear lately that they won't be. 

But this morning, I got up early. I crept downstairs, fed the cat, and made a cup of tea. I waited until my brother, E, appeared, and went to chatter to him as he got ready for work.

And it was this morning, as E sat on the stairs singing, and I danced in the hallway to the sound of his voice, that I realised. Things might be weird. Change might be afoot.

But as long as we have each other, we have it all.