Saturday, 24 January 2015

25 Things I Know At 25

So I'm a week into 25. And it's actually been a hell of a week. Its involved dates and dinners with friends and korfball training and work dramas and drinks with work colleagues and laughter and all manner of other wonderful things. 

I was thinking this morning that I feel like I know myself better now than I ever have before. I know what I like, what I don't like, who I am, what I want out of life... I know how to deal with difficult situations, I know how to be silly, I know how to laugh at myself. I know how to fall in love, and I know how it feels to have my heart broken. I know who I want in my life, and I know who I don't. 

And I know all manner of other things too. So I thought I'd share- so here we go. 25 things I know at 25.
  1. Hangovers change as you get older. For me, this has gone from feeling nauseous and like death to just having a headache. I'm actually quite happy about this.
  2. There are very, very few things that cannot be made significantly better by tea, sleep, or exercising.
  3. Never underestimate the importance of having good manners and being kind to people.
  4. As you get older, friendships stop being about proximity, and become about actually being similar. This means that some of your oldest friends will exit from your life- but it also means you'll end surrounded by some pretty incredible people
  5. Having goals of where you want to be by the time you're a certain age is a fast track to misery. Just don't do it.
  6. You are far, far braver, and far, far stronger than you think you are.
  7. Playing dumb doesn't impress anyone. Or rather, if you acting stupid impresses someone, they aren't the sort of person you should be trying to impress.
  8. Champagne is always a good idea.
  9. Dancing in the kitchen, whether that is crazy solo dancing to Uptown Funk, pirouetting to Chopin, or slow dancing with someone you love, is one of the best things you can do.
  10. Things are sometimes unbelievably awful. But most of the time, they do get better. I promise.
  11. Your mum doesn't get enough credit for being as incredible as she is.
  12. Age really is just a number.
  13. Good people do stupid things sometimes. This doesn't make them bad people.
  14. I am clumsy and bruise like a peach. This is a very, very interesting combination.
  15. Love is never the same twice. But if you love someone, tell them. Every. Single. Day.
  16. Never let anyone tell you you can't do something.
  17. However bad you feel, get up, show up, and keep your chin up. This too will pass.
  18. It's okay to be selfish sometimes. Putting yourself first on occasion is 100% the right thing to do
  19. It's okay that I'm competitive and a perfectionist. 
  20. Being a morning person is brilliant. There is no better way to start the day than quietly sipping tea while you listen to the rest of the house wake up
  21. I will always be a Devon girl at heart- cream first, then jam; Dartmoor; proper cider; wild beaches and seas; and wide open spaces will always make me happier than anything else.
  22. The best way to have a happy relationship with food is to live by the motto "everything in moderation, including moderation", and to eat your five-a-day every day.
  23. Life is hard, and messy, and unexpected, and complicated, and that's actually okay.
  24. It's important to love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe.
  25. You are important.


  1. I love this list and it's actually really nice to read some of the positive things you've said because I'm finding my early twenties to be a really tricky time, and I'm just trying to think positively about things getting better :)

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  2. Happy belated birthday, Alice! I love this list and very much look forward to the prospect of diminished hangover symptoms when I turn 25 next year! And you've got me dreaming of Devon cream teas and the rugged coastline - must visit soon! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  3. This is a fabulous list, and at 23 think I am mostly there on agreeing with all of them! Maybe not a morning person just yet though. I think that if you grow up out in the wilderness and the coast that will always be part of your core. I love London but I am always going to be a kiwi at heart! Hope you had a fab birthday x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. Love this list, and definitely agree! I've been 25 for a few months now, and was nodding along to a lot of this :) xx

  5. *High five* to being a Devon girl at heart! I love going to Dartmoor :)
    Lovely post!
    Charlotte xx

  6. I love this list! Definitely bookmarking this for when I'm having a down-day. x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  7. Great list, hangovers definitely are awful after turning 25! I love numbers 24 and 25 the most x

  8. Amen to number 21!
    Great post Alice, I've only got about 3 months left of my 20's so i'll look back on this with fondness when i'm curled up in front of the fire in my old age... 30s.... and remind myself that i've learnt a lot about life so far...
    Escape to the Westcountry

  9. I hope you had a great Brithday! I loved reading this list :) I love number 12 & 25! x

    Beyond The Velvet | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  10. Ruddy bloody marvellous, not sure there's much else to learn is there?
    M x

  11. Such great thoughts! Yes tea solves everything, #4 is so true, and I love #15!
    Jen x

  12. This brought a smile to my face!:)


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