Monday, 1 December 2014

Happiness Is... (Vol. 89)

I'm on complete Christmas countdown now. I am completely and utterly exhausted, and I am so unbelievably exciting to head back to Devon for TWO WHOLE WEEKS in just nineteen days time. I have the deepest love of Devon- though I don't currently want to live there. It's hard- I constantly feel the pull of Home, with the rolling hills, thick mist, star filled nights, and deep peaceful silence; but I know it really isn't the right place for me right now. I don't have PEOPLE there, and the people who are there are not my type of people. It's hard. 

I don't know exactly where I do want to end up, but I know I want to be close to the people I love. Currently, these people are scattered across the whole of The South, so I know I won't be going north anytime soon. I don't want to settle down yet though, so I have some time to think more carefully about where I want to be, who I want to be near, and what is really important to me. 

It's funny though, that the thing pulling me through these next few weeks is the idea of leaving the place I currently am. Maybe it's itchy feet? Maybe it's just a general feeling of "unsettled"? Who knows. All I know is that I am so hoping that I WANT to come back after two weeks at home. I'm scared about how I might feel at that point.

Anyway. This week, happiness is...

... Feeling festive. I had such a festive weekend, and it's left me feeling so excited for Christmas! I'm all about the Christmas songs, mince pies, panettone, and Christmas cards. It's lovely. Christmas biscuits help too- recipe will follow at some point...

... Short weeks. I'm only in work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. I'm delirious about it. I'm utterly exhausted and utterly in need of a cuddle from Mama. I'm fully prepared for her to tell me I look exhausted and unwell, so I'm hoping the extra time will restore me a little. 

... Jenny and Charlotte. Oh, these girls are my absolute soul sisters. A lovely Christmassy weekend with them, full of girly giggles, Christmas songs, and cups of tea was so good for me this weekend. I wish they lived closer and we could play more often!

... Exciting porridge toppings. Mr TTDER (aka Sebastian) made the four of us delicious caramelised banana porridge on Sunday morning. It was INCREDIBLE- properly indulgent, absolutely perfect for a Sunday morning. Thank you S!!!

... My enormous cashmere jumper. I may or may not have kept an XL Uniqlo cashmere jumper a boy gave me about six years ago. It's dark grey and incredibly soft, and I wear it at every opportunity. 

What's making you happy this week? 

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  1. I like this post Alice, you always write so honestly! I totally get what you mean about the whole wanting to be home/not wanting to be home thing. I know you'll love being back in the countryside and back with family,but I'm just the same - the people I love outside of home, (and are really important to my all round wellbeing, happiness and general moving-forward-in-life-ness) are NOT at home. They're in a city miles and miles and miles away, and I find it hard not being nearer them! So I completely empathise with that and it sounds like you're doing things the right way round. I'm working on it! I needed to be at home this year but I have a feeling next year is where the change will be. And I guess visiting Devon will make Christmas at home feel all the more special actually :) Your short week sounds dreamy - I'm having a short one too! Also mega jealous of your cashmere jumper and delicious porridge..I love (healthy-ish) pudding for breakfast types of breakfast!!

    Hope you're well love, and I hope your mum spoils you rotten, makes you sleep and tells you you're working too hard. It's funny how going home makes you see if you've drifted away from yourself: it's only when you're home with the people that have known you forever that you see things clearly. Don't work too hard!!!



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