Monday, 17 November 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 88)

I should probably branch out in my breakfast choices, but porridge is just so bloody delicious that I kind of don't want to. And when you stir raisins and blueberries through, then add more blueberries and walnuts on top? It's a little bowl of perfection, let me tell you. And it's even sweeter knowing that I rescued these blueberries from the reduced to clear section. My local Tesco has the world's worst stock management system, which means treats like this happen on a pretty damn regular basis. Is that a bad thing? No, no not at all.

I'm waffling. (Porridging?). This week, happiness is...

... finding half a packet of sweets in your coat pocket, left over from when you went on a walk four weeks ago. Is it just me who does this? Who tucks sweets in her pocket for long walks, and then forgets all about them? It's so much fun to find them though, when you jam your hands into your pockets when you're on your way to the supermarket. 

... finding the perfect black jeans. I mean seriously. Uniqlo's Ultra Stretch Ankle Length black jeans fit me perfectly (and the ones I ended up buying are two sizes smaller than I originally thought I needed). I haven't actually worn them yet- I knew I'd be baking yesterday and decided black jeans weren't the best thing to wear for that- but I am so excited to pair them with a stripy top and ankle boots, or white blouse and a maroon blazer. 

... coming home to the most ridiculously clean flat. We got a cleaner, you guys. It's not because we're lazy- though we kind of are- it's because two out of the three of us are just a little too busy to want to clean in our little bit of spare time, and the third was starting to get a little resentful. She is amazing and it's the best money any of us have ever spent.

... Fiorentina hot chocolates, consumed sitting at a pavement side table (in November!) in Marylebone with your oldest friend who is more hungover than you, and cheers you up with some of the best boy stories I've ever heard, told in the most entertaining way possible.

... Fortnum & Mason. It's so unbelievably charming, I wanted to move in. I picked up a couple of foodie gifts for Christmas presents and I am going to find it so hard not to just keep them for myself.

What's making you happy this week?


  1. Fortnum and Mason is my place to go at this time of year - I just love it! Plus it is a good place to buy the grandparents some little but nice Christmas pressies. I am also obsessed with porridge - I love it with soy milk so it's a little sweeter and nuttier, with some blueberries on top too. Good work with the cleaner!! I really want to get one for our flat but when we live in a one bedroom flat with two of us, I feel as though we need to just clean it! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. walnuts and porridge eh? that could work.

  3. Ergghhh I hate porridge! Cheese on toast is my thing. Every Sunday me and my best friend (also my housemate) have breakfast and tea in my bed and it's the happiest thing <3 I hate how unclean my housemates are! Drives me round the bend and it's just not possible for me to cleun up after three more people as well as myself! But I need a clean house :( can't wait to get out of uni haha xo
    amber love

  4. You make porridge sound sooo good, I think I might have to start having it for breakfast again!

  5. Good work on the cleaner, I think that's very smart! I think Madeleine will be like you one day...she loves porridge too! She's an odd one, she likes hers with prunes and honey!!!!! Could be worse I suppose!!!! xx

  6. Okay I've only just seen this post (yes yes, I'm working through my bloglovin backlog!) but I just wanted to share in the appreciation for Uniqlo's black jeans! A friend converted me to them earlier this year and I've never looked back. And bonus that they have the world's strangest sizing and therefore make you feel like a skinny minnie when you have to get much smaller than your usual inch-age. xxx


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