Monday, 3 November 2014

Happiness Is... (Vol. 87)

I really didn't mean to miss as many of these posts as I have. Life has just been a bit funny recently- lots of weekends away, in particular, which tend to mean less time to write these posts. I'm keen to get back into blogging though- I'm aware that while I used to be super consistent, i'm now rather inconsistent, and a bit flighty. Sorry about that. I'm actually writing this on the train back to London following a week in Devon. I've eaten a slice of cake, and watched Frozen for the umpteenth time (never gets old), so figured this was next on my To Do list for the journey. 

I'm not going to lie- I'm sad to be going back to London. I completely broke down on Mama CupandSaucer in Costa on Sunday morning, a fortnight ago I cried on the Tube on my way back from seeing Jenny, and three weeks ago, I sobbed my heart our to my friend J  during out Wiltshire weekend. Turns out, I've been crying a lot lately. I might write a post about the reasons behind these breakdowns, but for now, let's just say that while my former boss recently told me that in the last ten months my rise has been nothing short of meteoric, I feel more like I've been fired out of a cannon and I'm flailing around in a new city, with new people, in a new job, trying to work out how to fly rather than fall. 

But it's okay. I have the next four months nearly chunked into four-week blocks between exciting things (and sometimes with extra exciting things interspersed), and I have the support of my Mama, even if I feel a little lost and lonely, and I think I could be okay. 

Anyway! More on that to come, I'm sure. Generally, I am okay, and this week, happiness is...

... Work trips. The week before I went on annual leave, I was sent on a work expedition to The North (also known as Lincoln). I went to an awesome conference, networked successfully, and left feeling energised and enthusiastic about my line of work. Don't you just love things like that!?

... Paolo Nutini's Caustic Love and Rumer's Boys Don't Cry. These two albums have been the soundtrack to the epic amounts of travelling I have done recently, and both albums are awesome (top songs: Rumer's version of Home Thoughts From Abroad, and Paolo's One Day)

... Devon air. I hadn't been back to Devon since the week before I moved to London in August- and I think that's the longest I've ever gone without visiting. It was so lovely to be back, to catch up with my mama, my brother, my sister-in-law-to-be, my friend J (another J, yes), Papa, Little L, and LR, who I haven't seen in god only knows how long. It was completely needed. 

... New make up and make up brushes. Can you believe that I've never owned any nice make up brushes before now?! I treated myself to Real Technique's stippling and blush brushes, and they have made so much difference to the way my face looks. As has Smashbox's BB Cream- that stuff gives such great coverage for a BB cream. Colour me impressed. 

... Hilarious compliments. An older man from Colorado said to me on Thursday night: "Alice, you have my number, right? Because we could do with a beautiful young chef to come and bake cakes for us..." . Of course, I told him I'd be happy to fly out whenever- but that my few would have to include First Class flights.

What's making you happy this week?


  1. I hope you'll feel less lost and lonely soon! This is a lovely round-up. Those cakes look incredibly delicious, and Devon is beautiful!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I hope you had a lovely time in my next of the woods (Lincoln).

    Emma | MadeinHunters


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