Friday, 3 October 2014

Meet Me In Margate

Far too many weeks ago for my liking, I spent a day in Margate with the beautiful Charlotte and the equally lovely Jenny. I've said it before and I'll say it again-  my absolute favourite, favourite thing about blogging is the friendships I've made through it- and these two are particularly wonderful girls.

Jenny had planned to spend the weekend with Charlotte a good while ago, and they very kindly invited me to join them for a day trip to Margate. Now, growing up in South West England, then going to university in Cardiff, I've never really been particularly far from the sea- and it's something I've actually started to really miss since moving to London. So a day trip to the seaside sounded right up my street, and so I found myself at St Pancras bright and early one Saturday morning in September, trying to resist the temptation to head for the Eurostar, rather than the platform for my own train. I couldn't let down my fellow day trippers, however, and my train went right through the town Charlotte lives in, so the girls joined me about halfway through my journey. And from about that point on, I'm not sure that we stopped talking all day...

Arriving in Margate, Charlotte steered us straight for tea and cake at The Cupcake Cafe. We cosied up inside, marvelled at the enormous slabs of cheese on toast winging their way to our fellow customers, and ordered our own tea and cake to fill our rumbling stomachs. 

Suitably stuffed, we headed out for an explore. Margate is so charming, filled with amusement arcades, old-school sweet shops, and incredible antique and curiosity shops. We could have spent all afternoon marvelling over the old photographs and maps (I bought one, which I can't wait to frame and get on the wall), peering into old cabinets, and freaking out slightly at any examples of taxidermy (or at least, I did- the other two seem to find taxidermy inherently fascinating. Weirdos)

But before long, our stomachs were rumbling again and we went in search of chips to nibble on the seafront. Because it just isn't a seaside trip without chips, is it!?

Margate is also home to the Turner Gallery, which is stuffed full of modern art. Now normally, modern art is not  my thing- I get confused, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, and I switch off pretty quickly. But Spencer Finch's Back to Kansas was incredible- in natural light, each of the squares in the image slowly fade to grey as the sun sets- like in the Wizard of Oz, when Oz is in colour and Kansas is in colour? It was beautiful.

I can't remember for the life of me the name of this piece- but I could have spent spent hours staring at it. As the light moved around the room, the opacity and translucency changed- kind of like a cloud passing by. It was unbelievably beautiful. As were the images of  a forest emerging as fog cleared on the wall behind.

But for us, the real treat were the incredible colour blocks outside (I genuinely cannot work out how to describe them other than that)- these were actually at all different distances from the camera, but the perception is kind of confused here- they were amazing.

But all art-ed out, we decided it was high time for a cider on the breakwater. And at £3 a pint, could you blame us? We sat in the sun, talking about life,t he universe, and everything (also known as weddings, birthdays, and other upcoming celebrations).

But all too soon, the sun started to set, Jenny obsessed over getting a picture of a seagull (she did the same when we went to Tenby at Easter), and we had to get the train home. 

I love spending time with these girls- they are so, so good for my heart- in every picture Charlotte has shared of me from that day, I'm laughing. I cannot wait to see Jenny in a couple of weeks, and the three of us are already plotting a festive weekend in December. 

Weekends like this are certainly good for the soul.


  1. Not sure that picture was worth crouching in seagull poo. Such a lovely day, can't wait to have another soon xx

  2. Lovely, it's so nice to share fun day trips with friends. I went to Margate for the first time a few weeks ago and also visited the Turner Contemporary, I liked Back to Kansas but was disappointed I wasn't there as the sun set, I liked the piece on the back wall the best, the one with the fog rolling over the trees in the 60 different photos.

  3. I genuinely love Margate - it's a little shabby around the edges, but there is something so lovely about it as well. I always feel happy after a day in Margate :) Great vintage shops too!

  4. What a wonderful and delicious-looking day! That art gallery looks brilliant :) xxx

  5. Margate looks lovely Alice. I'd love to go to The Cupcake Cafe - the cakes look soo good. X

  6. FINALLY catching up with people's posts and so happy to read this one in particular! I lived in Margate for nearly three years and still have a house there, within walking distance from the seafront. The first year I moved there, there wasn't particularly anything happening in town, but over the course of a year, it just blossomed! It honestly gets better there all the time and I really miss it, especially looking at your pictures! Can't wait for Charlotte to buy a house there, so I have an excuse to go for visits! x

    Alix // Oui Je T'aime Aussi


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