Monday, 6 October 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 85)

Hello, October. You've really entered with a bang, haven't you? We went from short wearing to coat wearing in less than a week. I'm quite impressed, and certainly not complaining- I love my coats. I don't have my full winter wardrobe in London, however, so I'd appreciate it if the weather didn't get any colder until I've had the time to pop back to Devon for a wardrobe replenishing trip.

I'm excited for October. I have some really great plans- seeing friends, visiting places I've never been before, a week at home, and making a wedding cake, amongst other things. I think this month will be a good one. And to kick off, this week, happiness is...

... October sunrises. This one was actually taken last October, while I drove to then-work across Dartmoor, but the one I saw this morning through the skylight in the bathroom while I showered was almost as beautiful. There's something about the sunrises at this time of year- I think it's mostly that they happen at just the right time for me to catch them in all their glory- but they're my favourites.

... feeling perfectly dressed for the weather. On Sunday, I wore a light long sleeved dress, a trench coat, ankle boots, and a scarf. Not only did a complete stranger come up to me on the street and compliment me on my outfit (he told me I looked like I worked in fashion, and was thoroughly shocked when I told him what I really do), but I was the perfect temperature. That doesn't happen often, and it was certainly something to celebrate!

... copious cups of tea (and occasional biscuits). We have a tea club at work, and already this week we've gone through a pint of milk. And yes, we've only done one full day in the office. Saturday afternoon was also spent on the sofa with my housemate S, watching Harry Potter and drinking tea. It's the cure for all things, isn't it!? (Except as Ellie pointed out- not a caffeine addiction...)

... London friendships. I know London is meant to be an incredibly lonely city, but I've actually found it to be quite the opposite. Since being here, I've had the opportunity to reconnect and spend some great time with one of my oldest friends, and also make lots of wonderful new ones, mostly through blogging, and spend time with some of my uni besties! It's a lovely, lovely thing.

... good food weeks. Good lord, I've eaten like a queen recently. From Dishoom with Meg, to brunch at Lantana with Z, to an epic homemade roast, and a trip to Chicken Shop on a Monday night- it's been some great food lately. I just now need to detox...

What's making you happy this week?


  1. That picture of your Dartmoor sunrise is just so beautiful! I have to admit, I am NEVER up early enough to see sunrise, but a sunset does put a smile upon my face! <3 Lovely post. xx

    Alix // Oui Je T'aime Aussi

  2. Such a lovely post to read, I'm finding the dark mornings a little little hard and I'm missing summer, but feeling much happier now. Here's to October. Xx
    Ps. love those tea bag biscuits!

  3. That sunrise is magical! Sunrises and sunsets are one of those things I feel I never truly appreciate. I seem to forget they happen every day, and only catch the odd one by chance. Maybe I'll try and make more of an effort this winter to get outside and enjoy them. And I'll get some fresh air too :) xxx

  4. That sunrise is beautiful! I am never perfectly dressed for the weather, so annoying! I prefer to be too hot than cold though so tend to wrap up very warm, so I am happy with the change to cold weather! xo
    amber love


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