Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blogger Book Club- Here We Go Again!

It's back! Now that there is a giant Great British Bake Off sized hole in your lives, Jenny and I are going to fill it with a new Blogger Book Club book!

We were originally hoping for our next chat to be in person- but because Jenny and I (your Readers in Chief) are completely incapable of finding a free weekend at the start of 2015, we're looking to have our physical chat somewhere around April. This chat will, as before, take place on Skype at 8pm on Tuesday 27th January. Put it in your diary now- I'll be missing korfball training for the occasion, so you'd better all turn up. 

So we have the time, we have the date, but what about the book?

Our survey says...

(Do you think that's really her surname? How very Sherlock Holmes)

Anyway. Jenny and I had a giggle on whatsapp trying to work out precisely what the husband's secret could be. My theories included everything from incest to terrorism by way of time travel. So I'm expecting good things. Though not that great, purely because the fact this book has a cover quote which misuses literally has put my back up. Unless it was literally stuck to your hand Sophie Hannah, you could have put the book down. But I'm willing to be persuaded.

What do you think of our latest choice? Will you be joining us on 27th January? Let me know!


  1. This book is fab! I read it earlier this year. I can tell you the secret is.... haha. It was as stuck to my hand as could be to be fair, got me through some long coach journeys in asia :) x

  2. I'll definitely be there for this one! Can't wait!

  3. I'm really looking forward to this one, I keep hearing great things about it.
    And I swear I'll make the chat this time, I don't want another face palm moment!
    M x

  4. Excellent, the date's in me diary already! Looking forward to it :-) xx


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