Sunday, 14 September 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 83)

Happy Monday everyone! I'm oddly excited for a new week- though I think this is partly because I'm just so excited for the coming weekend as Mama CupandSaucer is coming to stay. I am so so close to my mama, and it feels like so long since I've seen her- so as much as I hate to wish my life away, I cannot wait for the weekend.

The week should be good too though- I have a busy week at work, and plans to catch up with Bess too- so I'm sure Friday will race towards us at warp speed.

For a Sunday afternoon, I'm in a wonderfully good mood. Here's hoping it lasts- but to help me on my way, this week, happiness is...

... Jenny and Charlotte. I spent my Saturday in the company of these two beauties. We laughed, we ate, they talked me through some boy drama, we pottered. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday, and every time I spend time with bloggers-turned-genuine-friends, I marvel at the power of the internet. I bloody love these girls!!

... my new hand mixer! Papa CupandSaucer bought me an amazing Kenwood KMix hand mixer as a (very) belated birthday present this week and I am DELIGHTED with it. And the first thing I made with it? A wedding cake. Nothing like starting small, eh...?!

... homemade smoothies. I recreated my favourite smoothie this week- blueberry, raspberry, banana, and ginger. So delicious, and hey, healthy!! (Turns out, you CAN be a blogger and not put something green in your smoothie, too- who knew?!)

... a tidy room. I've been meaning to tidy my room all week, and yesterday afternoon I finally got around to doing it. It really is true what they say- tidy room, tidy mind. I feel so much better for it!

... London parks. I am loving big-city life more than I thought I would- but every now and then, I feel the need for green space. Yesterday, I went for a lovely stroll through Kensington Gardens up to the Italian Gardens, before heading on to Selfridges- but it was so lovely to be around so much green space. I find it surprisingly easy to forget I'm in a city when I'm in some of the parks around here.

What's making you happy this week?


  1. Oh yeh, coz THAT'S a good photo of me!!! Was a lovely day, missing you girlies xx

  2. Aww looks like a great weekend! I've never tried putting ginger in smoothies, I'm always a bit scared it'll be a bit too overpowering.

    Saskia /

  3. I love homemade smoothies! I never thought to add ginger before, now I want to try it.

  4. Looks like a lovely weekend! x

  5. Kensington Gardens are lovely, parks are always something that lift my mood :) I have a great hand blender for making smoothies but I have nothing to put my smoothies in (the joys of a student house and odd mismatched tumblers!) Loved reading this post, it's so positive to read xx


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