Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Girl Dates

We all know, it's really, really important to make time for your female friends. But come on- I genuinely cannot be the only one who kind of half-heartedly makes plans with the girls in her life only to sort of... not follow through?!

Or maybe I am, and I'm actually an awful awful person. Who knows!

Either way, I'm making more of an effort- particularly now I'm in London and I'm far closer to people I haven't spent a lot of time with over the past few years. I've decided- it's way more fun to hang out with your girl friends rather than stress over a date with a boy. (Not that I'm doing much of that either, but hey ho, you never know, eh!?)

I don't know. I guess LR's engagement kind of made me realise that I haven't been a particularly great friend recently. I kind of get a little wrapped up in myself, and I don't necessarily spend the time either with, or even talking to, the people who really matter. And I'm determined to do that now.

And as such on Bank Holiday Monday, L and I went for a very civilised meander around the National Portrait Gallery and for lunch at Browns in Leicester Square.

I gave her a history lesson all about the Tudors (sometimes it's easy to forget she didn't grow up in the UK, and as such her UK history can be a little ropey), we marvelled over Emmeline Pankhurst and Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, and we skipped past the old stuffy men, all the while chattering about men, life, and work. 

Washed down with two enormous chicken and avocado sandwiches and two glass bottles of Coke? The perfect way to spend a rainy Monday off work.

And then the following night, I went for a drink with the gorgeous Becca. Which, as meeting strangers from the blog world always does, felt kinda like internet dating. So I've kind of covered all of my bases, right!?

And since then? More drinks with Becca, and Charlotte, and Bess, and Ellie, and B. It was so fun- honestly, as much as this little blog of mine is derailing, I'm happy it has given me the opportunity to turn likeminded strangers into friends.

Or maybe I should just try actual dating. Now there's a novel idea.


  1. Lovely post :) i'm terrible at girl time, but that's probs 'cos I only have one close girl friend! So boy time is all the time I need :') that sammich looks amazing, what a lovely day! I haven't actually met any of my blogging pals in real life yet, I would looove to though!! xo
    amber love

  2. Girl dates are on my list of goals for this month! It's so, so easy to neglect friends in favour of staying at home with films and/or the boyfriend. You've been great though with all these meetups! Inspiring for me - though my friends would probably hate me if I dragged them to a gallery, I'd start spouting pretentious rubbish...

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  3. Girl time is amazing, I don't get to spend much time with my girlfriends anymore but when I do it's always special and so fun to catch up and laugh and talk for hours :)


  4. yes, we definitely all need some girl time! my best friends and I usually are really good at making time for each other and doing things without our boys, but life can sometimes get in the way and it can slip by the wayside. i'm glad you had such a good time! x

  5. Love this post! Girl time is so important, i live quite far away from some of my besties now so I really appreciate the time we do get to hung out. x

  6. This is so true! It's so easy to get caught up and not make time for the girls. Whenever I do I always feel really glad that I did it, we'll all be married and have kids and be genuinely really busy too soon!



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