Friday, 5 September 2014

Duck Egg Cafe, Brixton

Brixton. It's a cool part of London.

A little too cool for me, actually. Seriously, when I was preparing to move up to London, someone suggested I look at places to live there- to which my older brother (aren't they always a treat?) laughed and said "Alice is certainly not cool enough for Brixton".

Cheers bro. Love you too.

However, I know that my money can be spent there just as well as anyone else's, and when Z suggested brunch at The Duck Egg Cafe (who are so cool, they don't even have a website) on Sunday, I was there like a shot.

We crammed ourselves into the tiny cafe, squashing onto a table for four with a French couple who had arrived at the same time as us, and got down to the serious business of menu perusing.

Oddly enough for a place called The Duck Egg Cafe, the menu is pretty egg-heavy. Benedict, Forestiere, Scrambled, Royale, Fried and three versions of a Full English. And the best bit is, you can have either ordinary hens or, oddly enough, duck eggs. As I always, always do, I plumped for the Eggs Benedict, while Z went for a Full English (with added hash brown, because of course).

We sipped tea (me) and a giant coffee (her) and our food arrived pleasantly quickly, given how rammed the place was. And it was good- perfectly poached eggs, delicious bacon, and they give you a hash brown with your Benedict.

We talked boy gossip, work gossip, night before gossip, and swapped stories about our siblings who, we're baffled to discover, have all turned into adults. 

And when we were done, we split the bill and wandered towards Brockwell Park, falling in love with Herne Hill as we went. Our love was cemented with the sweet farmers' market, and sunbathing in the park- where it was entirely possible to completely forget you were in one of the busiest cities in the world.

I like Sundays.


  1. Oh Gosh this sounds like such a perfect day! I never go to Brixton just 'cos I don't know it but after driving through it with my parents we saw how cool it's become! My Dad grew up there when it was seriously rough and he was commenting on how expensive it is to live there now 'cos it's the new cool place! I've never had eggs benedict but they look yum! xo
    amber love

  2. Great post! Brixton is a cool place, more hip now than it has been for a long time. I remember it once being what they call 'dangerous territory'... but I guess it was more hearsay than anything else! I hear the food scene there is pretty good too. Your meal looks lovely, can't beat a good runny egg! =)


  3. I live just past Brixton and go here regularly, I love it. I always get the Eggs Royale and love how it comes with a hash brown on the side :) x

  4. sounds like a great place! I don't go to Brixton very often (or at all, come to think of it...) but I know that I need to. they have such trendy places there! it seems like you are settling well into London life :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  5. Sounds splendid! Ritzy's is lovely for a drink, or head to market row in the night time for uhhhhmazing pizza at Franco Mancha or a burger at Bukowskis - you're welcome ;)

  6. This sounds great, I love eggs!


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