Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tapas at Deli Rouge

Deli Rouge has long been one of my favourite places in Cardiff to grab lunch. In my second year of university, I lived just around the corner from it, but didn't even discover it was there until my last week in that house. Fortunately, this former-Cardiff-Local thought it was always worth walking up to the top end of Roath for a bite.

I forgot to take a picture of the exterior. From here
I took Mama CupandSaucer here on our way home after our little trip to Castell Coch. At lunchtime, they do amazing soups, salads, and sandwiches, all freshly prepared from the deli counter in the shop, and they're open from 8:30am for breakfast and brunch (get the eggs benedict).

. But on a Thursday and Friday evening, they keep their doors open until 9pm and offer a delicious menu of tapas and light bites, all washed down with thoughtfully sourced wine. And once I'd finally located M, slightly later than planned, we high tailed it up to the Deli.

We wasted no time in ordering a baked camembert, harissa topped hummus, stuffed vine leaves, panfried chorizo with mushrooms and tomato, and halloumi with sundried tomatoes. And a bottle of a rather delicious white wine which has completely escaped me.

Everything was unbelievably delicious. The camembert was perfectly baked, and came with delicious balsamic onions and a tasty chutney. The halloumi was salty and squeaky and everything anyone ever wants from halloumi (seriously).

Personally, I love stuffed vine leaves- I don't know that M enjoyed them as much as I did, but I thought these ones were great. The hummus was chunky and the harissa was just spicy enough for my liking. And the chorizo? Well, we all know I bloody love chorizo, and this just rounded everything off wonderfully. 

But for me, the food wasn't the highlight of the evening. Don't get me wrong- the food was so delicious I'm now sad I'm living nowhere near it, but in fact, the thing that makes Deli Rouge so special is its feel. The staff are that perfect level of attentive without being there every thirty seconds, and made us feel so welcome (particularly given how we zoomed in an hour late, rushed and slightly flustered). The Deli was due to close at 9pm, but we were there until nearly 10- we asked the guys to kick us out when they needed to close, but they were quite happy to wait for us to finish up in a leisurely fashion and leave when we were ready. It was so lovely!

So yeah. If you're in Cardiff perhaps visiting uni friends in the Cathays/ Roath/ Heath area, or are taking a trip up to Roath Park, definitely think about stopping in here.

Deli Rouge, 73 Pen-y-Wain Road, Cardiff, CF24 4GG
Open 8:30am-6pm Mon-Wed; 8:30am-9pm Thurs-Fri; 8:30am- 5pm Saturday, and 10am-4pm Sunday


  1. a place with exceptional service and atmosphere is such a winner! the food does look outstanding too - baked camembert is so so good x

  2. These photos are great! Always a fan of tapas. I've never been to Cardiff, weirdly, but if I do go now, I'll have a whole list of places to try thanks to your blog :)

  3. I love tapas! It sounds like you both had a nice evening. Great pics, too.

  4. Oooh this looks so lovely :) i love nice relaxed places I like! I find it very awkward if I don't feel comfortable eating out x


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