Monday, 25 August 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 81)


I know I said I wasn't planning on blogging much, but I honestly, didn't expect to take a full week off without even thinking about it. As I said last week- it just currently isn't where my priority is, and I am sorry about that. I've barely even read any one else's posts- the odd flick through Bloglovin on my phone, but no long blog reading sessions like there used to be.

I'm really really hoping that I'll get back into the swing of it soon, but until then- thank you for bearing with me, those of you who still are. 

This week, happiness is...

... lie ins. I'm terrible at them. I mean truly, truly terrible- my idea of a lie in is 8:30am. In fact, I would say 85% of the time I actually set an alarm, even at weekends. I hate the idea of sleeping the whole way through a morning, and cherish the time I can potter around the house alone before anyone else is awake. But this weekend, I've needed the ability to just sleep- even if I did still wake up at 9am.

... exciting news from friends. One of my best friends from school got engaged this weekend! I'm so so happy for her and her new fiance- just slightly baffled as to when we all got to be so grown up.

... Honest burgers. Seriously my favourite burgers in London (so far). They're just so bloody delicious!

... seeing people you know do awesome things. My housemate's sister was in a play in the Camden Fringe this weekend, and on Saturday afternoon we headed up there to see her. The play was so much fun, and she was so great in it. It's so lovely to see the people you know doing the things they love!

... being in London. Despite the fact that I did have my first massive London wobble yesterday, I really am so happy to be here. 

What's making you happy this week?


  1. Man, that burger looks so good. I'm also lovely lie ins and dreading having to get up again for lectures. Congrats to your friend! I went to a wedding this summer and had the same baffled grown up feeling.

  2. I still need to try out Honest burgers! Especially as I work about 2 mins away!! Glad you are enjoying the city still and hope the wobble has passed - can completely empathise, always slightly daunting after moving to a new place!

  3. I'm exactly the same about lie ins! I really don't like wasting a lovely morning by sleeping, but I agree that once in a while sleeping until nine can be quite nice, haha. Glad you're enjoying London by the way! :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. I'm terrible for lie ins, I could sleep the morning away with ease. I'm more of a night owl, I like to potter around the house after everyone has gone to bed.

    I keep asking myself what did I get so grown up, but it can still be fun, no I can choose to have fun because I'm a grown up ;)

    For me, freshly made clotted cream and scones have made me happy :)

  5. I finally had my first Honest Burgers experience recently too! Oh my gosh, those rosemary chips are crazy addictive. Definitely one of the best burgers I've had here in London. Moving to a new place and starting a new job must make blogging so hard, but you're doing a fine job of it :) I know I find it hard even when I'm just on work experience - it's so difficult to find the energy!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  6. I'm exactly the same about lie-ins; I'm definitely a morning person and love hopping straight out of bed to tackle as many chores or projects as I can before breakfast. That burger looks absolutely delicious, and I love the combination of patterns in your first photo xxx

  7. Ooh that burger looks immense. I wish I lived in London so I could try one! I am not so good at lie ins this days, I always want to be up and doing something, I don't seem to be able to sit still. Have a great week. x

  8. that burger looks amazing, and sound like perfection.

  9. i came to this post because of the food. i'll be coming back more.

  10. The mornings are the most productive, no lie-ins around here either! Glad you're enjoying London, it's kind of awesome when you find your little spot there.
    And that is one sexy looking burger, is it wrong to crave burgers at 9.02 a.m? Too late.
    M x

  11. I need that burger! Any other good places in London to eat? TIPS NEEDED! I'm down in October to accompany my boyfriend getting inked (again).

    Em x

  12. Another great happiness is post. I've nominated you for a Leibster award and would love to see what you think about the questions....stop by my blog to see it x


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