Monday, 18 August 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 80)

I'm struggling a little with blogging at the moment. I've had internet access back for the best part of a week, and I've written what- one post? I used to write every day. I used to feel guilt about missing a single post. And now? Psh. Nothing.

It's partly a lack of time. With the move, the new job, catching up with people, exploring- I've had far better ways to spend my time that cooped up behind a computer screen. But it's also been a lack of inclination to do it, or even to take pictures of the things I've been doing- I mean, I've done some great exploring recently, visited all sorts of new places, and done some lovely things- but my priority hasn't been anywhere near taking pictures of it to share with the internet. Instead, it has been on just enjoying the time I'm spending with people. It feels like a bit of pressure has been lifted from my shoulders, actually.

I'm going to keep it up though. I'm going to blog as much as I can, or rather as much (or indeed, as little) as I feel. I'm planning to keep up with these posts, though- they help me to focus on the little things that have made me smile, particularly when I'm exhausted, emotional, and feeling a little queasy at the thought of a new week. 

So here we go. This week, happiness is...

... good food weekends. Particularly ones that leave you in need of a serious detox after the weekend.This weekend included ridiculous peanut butter cupcakes, breakfast sandwiches, Byron burgers, ice cream, and the epic fish finger sandwich above (which I'm still thinking about). If anyone sees me instagramming anything other than healthy food this week, shout at me.

... snapchats of my youngest two siblings. Oh, how I love and miss those two. E babysat for Little L this weekend, and the pictures he send me melted my hard heart and made me smile through Saturday's hangover.

From here
... dogs on the tube. On Saturday, we saw the most BEAUTIFUL cocker spaniel puppy on the tube. Honestly, I'm becoming more of a dog person with every passing day. Betsy, I am so sorry.

... animal print clothing. And by that I do not mean clothes patterned with impressions of the skins of animals- no, I mean my new stripy top, which comes complete with a picture of a whale (I'll show you soon), and the £3 fox-print scarf I picked up at Old Spitalfields market on Saturday. Adorable.

... the prospect of a long weekend coming right up. My my, I'm excited about it!

What's making you happy this week?


  1. The best writing comes from the heart, so when the heart isn't in it don't feel guilty about letting it beat with other pleasures.

    That was my really rather wanky way of saying just write when you want to write and share what you want to share, lovely! Your posts are always glorious whether once a day or once a month, but don't be afraid to step away from the screen when you're not feeling it, the world around you needs to be enjoyed whether you put it online at the end of the day or not, so go have fun! You're staring a wonderful, exciting new chapter in your life right now which must be embraced immediately and wholeheartedly, so don't ever feel guilty about getting out and living instead of blogging; all your followers will be here waiting if and when you decide to come back and share more of it with us all too xx

  2. I actually love that you've sacked off blogging a little in favour of going out and enjoying life - don't get me wrong, I love seeing a blog post of yours pop up in my feed but I know that I need to give blogging a back seat and go out and enjoy myself so I find myself envious of people who have their priorities right! Do it cos you love it or don't do it at all as they say - I am looking forward to a blogging break whilst on holiday next month! xo

  3. Animal print clothing is my favourite thing in the world... I probably have too much, but I don't believe that's possible!

  4. Just take your time and blog when you feel inspired! It's great that you're having a good time :) That sandwich looks delicious, by the way!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  5. Animal print clothing and dogs ALWAYS make me happy! Especially prints of dogs on clothes....! :)

    Rosie xx

  6. "Please keep your feet off the seats"


    "except cute dogs!"


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