Thursday, 14 August 2014

Happiness Is... (Vol. 79)

Sorry for the almost radio silence- as I mentioned, we're currently sans Internet, which makes blogging a wee bit difficult. To be honest though, I've been so busy having fun and enjoying my first week in London that I probably wouldn't have blogged much anyway. And while we'll be all connected up by Wednesday, I've barely taken any pictures this week so god knows what I'll be writing about when I'm back!!

But anyway! I'm tapping this out of my phone (again) while lying in bed on Sunday morning, cup of tea on the bookshelf next to me, and listening to the world outside my window. It's very peaceful. I know I've banged on a lot recently about being happy/ content/ whatever, and if am a bit sorry about that- I'm sure some of you out there are busy rolling your eyes going "yeah, right, she's only showing us what she wants us to see"- which is true, because I actually want to share that I'm happy right now. It's far more fun that being miserable. 

Anyway. I promise not to go on about it too much this week. But for now- this week, happiness is...

... bizarre London moments. On Saturday, I caught up with some old uni friends for a coffee. We hung out for a good couple of hours before the others all had to dash off to various afternoon activities, so I took myself off for a stroll. And strolling down the Southbank, I ran into three people I've known since pre-school! It was so bizarre, and we kind of hijacked each other's afternoons. It was so much fun to catch up with them, and it turns out two of them live really very locally to me. For a big city, it sure is a small world. 

... adorable voicemails from Little L. Oh my god, that girl steals my heart constantly. On Wednesday night, I got a voicemail from her telling me she had exciting news, to call her back, and "I love you, bye!!". Turns out, her exciting news was that she'd been to the dentist that day. It's fun being five, it seems!

... drinking tea in bed. If I haven't said this one before, how not?! It's just blissful- and that's coming from a girl who really isn't good at getting back into bed once she's got out in the morning.

... sunny beer gardens. We spent HOURS in one on Thursday night- they're my favourite way to spend an evening. Next time though, I won't have quite so many glasses of wine. 

 ... the return of The Great British Bake Off!! Seriously, in a good week, this was the cherry on top (excuse the pun).  I am SO happy to have this back on my screen- I'm already a big fan of the older Scottish man- he's so cute! It's already made me want to make a swiss roll and some sort of miniature layer cake. Yum!

What's making you happy this week? 


  1. I'm SO GLAD the Bake Off is back! I love the old Scottish buy too - he makes me so happy! The guy with the long hair on the other hand... What a great coincidence bumping into old friends, London is pretty good like that! x

  2. I'm so glad to hear your first week has been so brilliant! How wonderfully strange to bump into your childhood friends in such a huge city :) Richard (the builder) is my favourite of the new GBBO crew- he seems so sweet!
    P.S. Can you please tell me where that millionaires shortbread in your last photo is from? I really need that in my life. Thank you :)

  3. Mm, this picture is putting me in the mood for millionaire's shortbread...
    Good to hear you're settling in well. And it's a good thing you're feeling so happy just now. You should try and bottle some of it up and keep it for grey-sky-low-mood-feeling-rubbish sort of days. (If only that were possible! Have to make do with tea instead on those days, I suppose).


  4. Ah, a cup of tea in bed.. So simple and yet the nicest thing ever! I have not done that in AGES. I love this super happy post. How fab meeting up with old friends and bonus that you will no doubt catch up again

  5. No keep telling us how happy you are!! It's so lovely to hear you're so happy :') sounds like you're having loads of fun atm! So jeal of you living in London :') xo
    amber love

  6. Gorgeous photos Alice! So glad you're happy in London, my heart sings every time my train pulls in. Can't wait to be back.

  7. I watched the GBBO a couple days after it aired, I've never watched it before and I think we'll be making it a regular occurrence :)

    ~ K


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