Friday, 15 August 2014

Columbia Road Flower Market

Last Sunday, Z and I braved Hurricane Bertha for a coffee in Shoreditch and a little trip to Columbia Road Flower Market.

I am perpetually early- honestly, it's almost a problem (and nearly was on my first day at work, but that's a story for another day). So while I rocked up at Paper and Cup about ten minutes early, Z was about 20 minutes late (pesky buses)- giving me half an hour to sit in the window with a flat white and people watch. Honestly? People watching in Shoreditch is my new favourite hobby- I saw two people with pink hair, one with a Proudlock-style haircut, and three in '80s style leggings while I was waiting. I would strongly recommend Paper and Cup- with second hand books and hilarious staff, it was a haven of calm so close to the market. Honestly, go.

I love catching up with Z. We've known each other since we were five years old, and can go months and months and months without seeing each other or even really talking. But every time we do catch up, it's just like we saw each other only the previous week, and I love her dearly. 

Once we'd had our fill of coffee and boy gossip, we made our way to the market, and I was in heaven. I've often said that if I wasn't doing what I'm doing now, I'd love to be a florist (and maybe own a florists/ bakery/ coffee shop type place), and at this time of year, flower markets are just wonderful. 

The hydrangeas were clearly the star of the show (I mean, just look at them!), but the sunflowers and lisianthus stole my heart. Z picked up a pretty bunch of lilac and white lisianthus, and we spent some happy time discussing all things floral and listening to the traders screaming "Two for a fiver!".

And then I got lost trying to find Liverpool Street Station but hey- some you win, some you lose!


  1. All those flowers are so beautiful! I've never been to the Columbia Road market, but I'd love to go. It seems like such a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. I'm always early for everything too :) It doesn't matter how late I leave, I'm not quite sure how but I always manage to be early! I keep meaning to go to this market, it sounds like the perfect place to potter around on a Sunday, definitely going to have to plan a trip there soon x

  3. Oh I love a hydrangea, I keep meaning to go but do like my lie-ins on a Sunday. Such a tough decision.

  4. Hi Alice, bit of a long shot here, but I don't suppose you happened to see if there were any Australian flowers there? I'm getting married next year, and hoping to incorporate some of my home into the wedding. I'm back in Aus this year too so can't pop up and check!

    Love those hydrangeas, they're so vivid! I remember pale and sickly ones from my childhood, but I'm sure that had all to do with too much intense Australian heat, rather than the flowers themselves.

  5. People watching, some cute flowers and a good chat - a perfect time! I'm one of those people who like to turn up on the dot when meeting people. I go into so meeting induced panic where I think the times and locations have changed, so I like to wait the least amount of time possible.

  6. I love Paper and Cup - it's not just good coffee but I think they work they do as a not-for-profit is so so valuable within the local community!

  7. All beautiful shots you captured, and it sounds like you had a lovely time with your friend too! It sounds like you're settling in to London well - experiencing all the weird and wonderful!
    Bits & Bobs

  8. Those flowers are incredible! People watching in Shoreditch sounds amazing :) xxx

  9. I am so going here when I'm in London in October. It'll be hard on my flower-weak-heart as I can't buy anything!!

    Em x


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