Thursday, 31 July 2014

What Will I Miss About Living In Wales?

So, the bags have been packed and squashed into my car (there was a point at which I was very concerned they wouldn't fit), I've handed back my keys, and I'm spending a few days in Devon with Mama CupandSaucer before the big move to London at the weekend!

It has been oddly sad, actually. M nearly cried over supper last night, and I nearly cried as I wrote her a little note and left my keys on the kitchen table before I left earlier. In a funny sort of way, I didn't think about the fact that to go and live in London, I'd have to leave Cardiff.
Cardiff will always hold a very, very soft spot in my heart. It's where I went to university, where I fell in love and out of love (a couple of times), where I made some of my closest friendships. Of course, I'll be back visiting a fair amount, and who knows, could end up living there again in the future- but somehow, I doubt it. 

And there are a lot of things I'll miss about living in Cardiff- but there are also an awful lot of things I won't miss. So let's start with those, shall we?!
1. Those times you remember your bag but buy too much and have to pay a whole FIVE PENCE for a new one. (You have to pay for carrier bags in Wales) OK, so five pence isn't a lot. But when you've been good enough to remember your bag and then just got a bit carried away shopping, it's annoying to have to pay it!

2. The Severn bridge toll. SIX POUNDS FORTY!! Somehow, it always takes me by surprise. At least you can pay by card now.

3. The M4, M49, and M5 on a Friday night. It's painful trying to leave Wales on a Friday- though at least not as expensive as the way back in (see above)

4. Having to translate everything I did at work. It cost me a small bomb in translation costs, as I don't speak Welsh and therefore had to have everything professionally translated. My poor budget.


But there's a lot of stuff I will miss about Cardiff. As I said- it's a wonderful city with an awful lot of great memories attached. And I will miss...

1. M and M. Oh don't, it makes me too sad! And J and K and everyone else I know and love there. It's going to be weird not being near them.

2. Having a garden. I know I'll be close to plenty of green space in the part of London I'm living in, but it is not the same as having your own garden. And certainly not when Greenfingered M has been growing courgettes, tomatoes, chillies, and enough herbs to make a bloody enormous bowl of tabbouleh and salsa verde.

3. Welsh cakes. The welsh cake shop in Cardiff Bay is beyond amazing, and I just can't make them as well myself.

4. Ridiculous phrases like "whose jacket is that coat?" "Whose shoes are those boots?" and "now in a minute" To me, they all make perfect sense- but I know if I say them in London people will think I'm weird. (and I'll admit that the only one of those I say regularly is "now in a minute")

5. Words like "tamping"- which means "so angry". Again, not one I actually say myself, but it makes me laugh every time someone I know says it.

Oh Wales. You're a special place, aren't you? What funny things does London have in store for me then?


  1. Loved reading this post. I am fascinated by both London and Cardiff so it's nice to read about your experience with living in Cardiff and I look forward to reading about your adventures in London- that's just super exciting, I'm sure! :)

  2. Wales seems like a lovely, charming place! I really want to visit someday. I know the feeling of leaving your home behind. I did it last summer/autumn and will be doing it this year again (I returned home over summer), now to a different place. It's both a little bit sad and very much exciting!
    I look forward to reading about your life in London!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  3. Oh Welsh cakes, I love them so. My Nain made the most amazing Welsh cakes. Good luck with you move to that London!

  4. Very best of luck with the move, Alice! xxx

  5. When I moved to Wales paying for carrier bags was the bane of my life. I always forgot my bags! Now I have about a gazillion - and still manage to forget them!

    Good luck with the move, Alice.
    Bits & Bobs

  6. I cried my eyes out saying goodbye to my Mum on Norwich station when I relocated to London. I sat on the train crying for a good 30 min but then pulled myself together and started looking forward rather than back. I think everyone should live in a huge city like London at some point in their lives, you'll love it! You'll meet so many new people and have some amazing experiences. Best of luck!

    Chloe x

  7. Best Welsh Cakes are found in M&S and Waitrose. I quite like the M&S ones warmed up a bit with a touch of strawberry jam. London is looking forward to having you! I'm not sure what part of town you're moving to but you'll soon find that every area is like a little village with it's own quirks and pitfalls. I'm sure you'll soon settle in and love it! x

  8. Aww, my Welsh flatmate always used to say 'now in a minute' (and also pronounced 'tooth' as 'tuff') which made me giggle. What a lovely thought that you'll always have a nice city to escape to, with plentiful friends, if London gets too much! Wishing you all the best of luck for your move, Alice x

  9. I hope the move goes well and you're getting all settled in! You'll have a fantastic time and the good thing about being near the common is that you can always escape if you need some fresh air. x

  10. I say tamping allll the time, I love that word, and it took me a while to realise that no one here where I live now even new what it meant while I was saying it - oops! I also said uch a vie in work the other night - again forgot where I was and got some very strange looks. I also regularly say buyeeer and budeeeer (by here - by there) all the time, and cwtch... I don't think those words and phrases will ever leave my vocab!

  11. Good luck with the big move! It'll all go fine, I'm sure :-) xx (ps. the other half says 'now in a minute' and he's not even remotely Welsh!)


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