Tuesday, 22 July 2014


For a lifestyle blog, I think I do a pretty poor job of updating you guys on what's actually going on in my life. i think I feel like I'm sharing everything with you, but in practice- it's little snippets, carefully curated because a) I had a lot of pictures of that thing; b) I thought you might find something interesting; or c) I just felt like waffling.

So here we go! Interspersed with pictures up to four years old, a little life update, in bullet points because I, like everyone else, love a list:

- I've read TWO books since Friday! The first was Tampa, our book club book, and the second was We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, which I'll review properly soon- it may take me a few days though, as I'm struggling to work out how to review it without giving the whole thing away.
- I currently have the worst blisters IN THE WORLD on my feet. Damn you, new brogues and wet weather.

- Walking strangely because of the forming blisters on Saturday has also resulted in two strained ankles. Which means I've had to drive to work every day this week, and feel awfully lazy as a result.
- I'm writing this after one pint of Black Dragon, a 6.5% welsh cider. All I can say about it is that the Devonshire lass in me approves, and that it is so strong I feel slightly fuzzy.
- I gracefully came second in a game of Scrabble on Sunday night. For a girl who is notorious for being overly competitive, this is progress.

- I'm in my last week at work right now! It's terrifying and exciting all at the same time. My mood affects which one of those wins out.
- The caps lock on my keyboard is slightly broken, which means I can only change from uppercase to lowercase with a significant amount of effort- which will probably result in a completely broken keyboard at some point soon.
- I'm contemplating getting a Netflix subscription just so I can rewatch all of Gossip Girl, and The Hills if it's on there. Someone tell me it is!? 
- I nearly stood on a dead rat outside of my office yesterday. Twice.

- M&S Giant Chocolate Buttons are absolutely the one.
- I had a wobble one evening recently. I did a silly thing, thought about doing other silly things, and regretted it all in the morning. Nothing too serious, nothing involving anyone else- but it was daft, and I'm better now, but I think these things need to be acknowledged without overtly saying what they are sometimes.
- No one at work noticed my haircut!

- I also went to korfball training last night for the first time in a few weeks. I'd forgotten how much I like that sport (even if I couldn't really do much because I was playing barefoot because of the blisters/ ankles)
- I made a four layer chocolate ombre cake. I'm hoping to share pictures/ the recipe soon, promise!
- I'm currently more generally content than I have been in an awfully long time. And that is something to be celebrated in itself.

- It has been BOILING in Cardiff for ages now. And by "boiling" I mean "above 20C" which, if you're in Australia/ the southern USA is positively chilly. But for Cardiff, it's about as good as we get. And I'm loving every second of it.
- My "Alternative Things Women Need To Know" post got thirty four likes on Bloglovin! That's extraordinary. Thanks, everyone!

And some posts I've enjoyed this week:
this is just to say (on dressing up and first dates):  because Meg always manages to convey how I feel. She is incredible. And I too am so excited for first dates.
How I Feel Today: because Samantha is braver than I ever hope to be, and she deserves everything good.
Will You: because Charlotte is so creative, and I'm so excited for more wedding updates from her.

So tell me. How are you?


  1. Thank you :)

    (And so lovely to see you back on form, now hurray and post that cake recipe!) x

  2. I love lists like this! Glad you're feeling content. :)

  3. Ok fine, I'll be the one to fess up, yes The hills and Gossip Girl are both on Netflix, and yes, I've rewatched both of them in the past year. Sigh. But Orange Is The New Black is good!!xx

  4. The cake sounds amazing! Glad to hear that you feel more content lately - that's great! :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  5. Sounds like the cider was just the thing to stop you thinking about those blisters. Ouch! Hope they're starting to feel better - blisters are one of the most evil things in the world! x

  6. Definitely get Netflix, I've been sucked into a world of Gossip Girl and 24. It is the best £6 I spend! I read We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and hated it. That twist was just the worst, and at the end she got so preachy! Blurgh. That dead rat sounds sick! Yick! x

  7. Netflix is brilliant- and both of those are on there! Looking forward to seeing the chocolate ombre cake; it sounds amazing! xxx

  8. You definitely need to get Netflix, Gossip Girl is one there as I have also re-watched every series! I would also recommend watching Orange is the New Black! x

  9. Two books since Friday is impressive! I'm the sort of person that takes about a year to get through a book, mainly because I can only read about a page at a time because I have such awful migraines, so I'm always amazed and impressed by quick book demolish'ers!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.blogspot.com

  10. I love lists like these! I am trying desperately to get one book finished this week, I am really enjoying it but I might possibly be the worlds slowest reader ever.

  11. Really enjoy reading these kind of catch up posts. Enjoy your last week at work!!!


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