Sunday, 27 July 2014

News from the Ranch

I don't live on a ranch. I kind of wish I did, as it would give me an excuse to learn how to ride a horse. I always wanted to learn to ride when I was little, but Mama CupandSaucer is afraid of horses- so instead, I learnt to swim, trampoline, and play the piano.

I know I did an update post not so long ago, but this isn't really that sort of post- this is more "funny stories from this week". Annoyingly, as I drifted off last night I thought of another funny story involving me- but now I can't remember what it was, so that will have to wait for another day.

On Friday, MH went missing. Seriously. We had plans for supper at 7pm, and as 6:30pm rolled around and she still wasn't home from work, so I started to worry. I sent her a text- no answer. I called the restaurant as was told that as long as we were there by 8:30, there was no problem. 7pm, and I'm frantically whatsapping Jenny and trying to text MK casually to find out if he knew where she was. Turns out, this just ended up worrying him too, though he did tell me that she didn't have her phone on her. OK. By 8pm I was in a blind panic, on the phone to my mum and looking up whether there had been any traffic incidents she could have been involved in- when she came through the door, having been at the hairdresser for four hours because they nearly ruined her hair. Honestly, I've never been so relieved.

Friday morning didn't start well in our household either. MK has a Very Important Job. Like, the sort of important that means he really really has to be on time for work. As a result, he's got his morning routine down pat and is normally very self sufficient. But on Friday morning, he didn't get up at his normal time- so I just carried on through my morning as usual, getting ready to leave for work, and just thought that he probably had a late start or something. Turns out, he'd actually overslept and woke up ten minutes before he needed to be at work. Oops.

And me? Well, my last day went off without a hitch- other than telling my boss, who was off to the dentist (and who hates the dentist), "well, last week a boy in India had 232 teeth removed from his mouth in one sitting- so whatever happens, it can't be as bad as that!". I don't think it went down quite as well as I had intended...

So, how are you?


  1. FOUR HOURS?! Eek - I hope they managed to fix her hair! That tooth story is crazy- certainly makes my pre-braces four molar extraction pale a bit in comparison! xxx

  2. Oh goodness my mind does overtime and is super paranoid in situations like that! Thank goodness she was somewhere safe...even if it was for ruining her hair. :/ Hope they got it sorted!

    Best wishes, Danielle. x

  3. I get so worried when stuff like that happens! Hope her hair's ok ;) xo


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