Monday, 21 July 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 76)

Wasn't Sunday just GLORIOUS!? I spent the entire day reading in the garden, smothered in SPF30 but hoping to increase the tan- I think it worked, actually!

This week has been marvellous. I am completely back to myself, looking forwards with an excitement I haven't felt in ages. For a while, thoughts of the future were scaring me- which kind of told me that something wasn't right. I've since sorted that out, and I'm back to feeling like ME again. 

As an aside, I fear this blog is becoming a list of happy things, occasionally peppered with an outing or recipe. I've become useless at regular posting- life is just getting in the way, in a way not seen since before I started blogging. Look back at the early days of my blog, and you'll note I posted every day- I just cannot commit to this any more. But I'm interested- what would you like to see more of in this space of mine? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Anyway. This week, happiness is...

... graduation week! It's two years since I graduated, but last week was graduation week for the last few of my friends- those who studied medicine, did preliminary years, or completed Masters degrees last September. It was so much fun to have everyone around in high spirits, to drink champagne and cocktails with friends and their parents, and generally celebrate everyone's awesomeness.

... having somewhere to live!! Yep, I now have a new place to call my own. It's a lovely flat, with two lovely girls, and I'm finally properly excited about my move to London. It's all coming together!

... finishing a book in a day. I don't think I've done this since school, when I started training myself to take longer and more challenging books on holiday so I didn't have to take five away with me for a week (which was a regular occurrence, at one stage). It was Tampa, our next book club book- I demolished it, and think it's going to make for a very interesting chat. It certainly wasn't exactly what I expected- and apologies if you are of the delicate disposition, you may not like it- but it was a really interesting read!

... celebratory meals. When I got back from London on Saturday evening, M and M and I feasted on champagne, beef bourguignon, and blueberry and peach tarte tatin. It was blissful, and I have come to the firm conclusion that the French do the best celebratory food (and drink) in the world.

... thunderstorms. OK, so it wasn't much fun walking to the train station in the middle of one at 6:15am on a Saturday, but as a general rule, I love thunderstorms. The recent weather has been perfect, as far as I'm concerned- sunny days and stormy nights are where it's at.

What's making you happy this week?


  1. Oh yay Alice you have a place to live! I'm super excited that you're coming to London too!!! I love thunderstorms too, particularly when you're nice and dry and watching them roll on in. Hmmm, what I'd want more of on The Cup and Saucer... definitely some more vlogs! Turn your book reviews into a vlog so I can listen to your reviews and recommendations while I'm cooking and managing Maddie!! Have a wonderful week!!! xx

  2. I love thunderstorms too, especially if I can lie in bed and just listen to them crashing around me. I feel sorry for you being en route during one - not nice. Isn't it hard to balance having a life and blogging? I struggle with it all the time. You want to do lovely things to write about and then stress that you've not written any posts. I'm grateful to have school holidays to get on top of things. I love your recipes as they're always look delicious. x

  3. I love thunderstorms too! Just the other day I saw a lightening strike down only like 50-100 meters in front of me, which was a bit frightening to be honest, but really fascinating as well. I like them the best when I'm safely inside though, haha :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. I enjoy thunderstorms or even good downpour of rain for that matter, but I definitely don't like being caught them!

    It sounds like things are piecing together for you regarding the big move - that's great!

    Your blog is your little corner of the internet, Alice. Write what you like sharing, and I'm sure your readers wouldn't mind fewer posts if they were ones you truly loved doing. For the record though, I love recipes!

    Bits & Bobs


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