Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Workwear Wishlist

Last night, as M, M and I chattered over supper, it suddenly dawned on us all that I'm moving out in a week. One week. Seven more sleeps. It's really sad.

Of course, I'm crazily excited for my new adventure in London, but I'm also so sad to be leaving this beautiful home behind. I've adored living with M- and now other M has moved in too (they're being real, proper grown ups!), it's even more fun. Last night, we discussed an incredible sounding fistula M had treated that day; M's colleague's duck, Bananas; and how we buy class, and the differences between different levels of "middle class", as I'm currently reading Consumed- it's so interesting. 

I love intelligent conversations. But that's by the by.

I'm so excited for the move, because I might use it as an excuse to buy myself some new workwear. I'm just not equipped for the prolonged sunny weather we've been having!! I'm having to hold off though because a) moving is expensive and b) I have no idea what the dress code in my new office will be like.

It's also quite difficult as I'm having a body-confidence crisis at the moment. I live with the most tall, beautiful, toned, active girl on the planet, and I'm carrying extra weight at the moment and boy sometimes does it hit you in the face when she's looking like a supermodel at breakfast and I'm there hiding in a floaty dress. So body demons, be gone! I'm lusting after...

Workwear Wishlist

Top row, L-R: ReissMangoMangoWarehouse
Bottom row, L-R: NextReissJoulesJoules

I'm not 100% sure where this sort-of colour scheme came from, but I like it! Of course, the Reiss dresses are just pipe dreams, but the sale Joules dresses might theoretically be an option... who knows!

What are you lusting after at the moment? Do you struggle to get dressed for work in the summer too!?


  1. Ooh - I love the red Warehouse dress. It's very pretty. I'm an Early Years teacher and so have to balance a smartish school dresscode with being practical and being able to get messy and crawl around on the floor. It can be really hard at times to get it right in summer when you need to stay cool as well. That said, I found I got really scruffy and lazy over the winter just wearing chambray smocks and big cardigans. I must try harder this year! x

  2. Pretty dresses! I also find it hard to dress for work in the heat without looking like I'm going to a festival or the beach, ha! Hope your move goes smoothly and secretly hoping to bump into you on the tube so we can be friends, haha ;)


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