Saturday, 14 June 2014

Things To Love About Cardiff

Whenever I chatter to people and they find out I live in Cardiff, they almost infallibly say "Oh I love Cardiff! It's the one city I'd consider moving to". Seriously, it's uncanny.

I love Cardiff too. I'm currently doing a little bit of job hunting (being on a fixed term contract is making me twitchy), and while I love the idea of moving to London (and Bess keeps pestering me to join her there), to up sticks and move again would require everything to align perfectly. To stay in Cardiff, I could cope with a little bit of imperfection. 

It's partly because I have a lovely little life here- friends, family not too far away, and I know my way around- but also because there really are some pretty lovely things about the city I currently call home... so without further ado, here's a list of some of them:

1. Roath Park. Without a doubt, my favourite place in the city. Whether for a sun, a morning in the sun with J, a picnic, or just a meander around the lake, it's beautiful and I'm so lucky to have it right on my doorstep.

2. Match days. I never really understood the idea of an "atmosphere" until the first time I spent a day in Cardiff city center when Wales were playing rugby against some international side. Honestly- the whole city buzzes, and it's always such an upbeat feeling. If you're planning a trip to Cardiff, try to get it to coincide with a rugby game- even if you don't like rugby or want to watch the game- just potter around town and soak up the atmosphere, okay!?

3. The nearby seaside. Not far from Cardiff are some impeccable beaches. Rhossili is one of my favourite beaches outside of Cornwall, and Oxwich Bay is next on my list to visit. So if you get bored of the city, rugby, and parks, this is pretty awesome too.

4. The fact it has pretty much everything you need. A slightly vague one but still- for a city that (despite technically being a capital) isn't all that huge, Cardiff has basically everything you need. Big chain shops in the city center? Check. Cute little independent places dotted around? Check. Beautiful parks? Check. A seafront? Check. Great nightlife? Check check check.

Penylan Pantry- From here
5. Great food, great pubs. And related to the one above- seriously, Cardiff has a pretty great foodie scene. Places like The Meating PlaceMint and MustardFish at 85, and The Potted Pig catering for smarter dining; BuffaloThe Pear Tree, and (apparently) Barocco for drinks; sweet cafes in The Penylan PantryThe Pot, and Deli Rouge; and of course Joe's Ice Cream- it really is a real foodie place to be.

6. The impeccable Welsh weather. Okay, this might be slightly tongue-in-cheek but still- when the weather is great in Cardiff, there are few places I'd rather be. And when the weather isn't so great? Well, it's still pretty awesome then too!

So tell me. Why do you love where you live?


  1. Great post. I am hoping to move to Cardiff soon and this has made me rather excited for it! The pictures all look so lovely too. :)

  2. Cardiff looks lovely, I'd love to visit one day! I too have been sold the 'ideals' of moving to work in the big smoke, but it really just doesn't appeal at all! I love quainter places which I think have more character, and it looks like Cardiff is one of these places:) x

  3. Things not to love about Cardiff? ITS NOT LONDON AND YOU'RE NOT NEXT DOOR. But if you ever have a free weekend, I'm coming to stay. That's how much I love you, my little teacup xxx

  4. I've never been to Cardiff but it looks so, so lovely! I've only ever been to Pembrokeshire in Wales, for multiple holidays but it has meant that my childhood view of Wales was basically sheep, countryside and hills. Not much civilisation haha! I will definitely have to visit, it sounds great and it's amazing living in a city you love so much :)

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  5. i would so love to visit Cardiff - i've heard such great things, it's just one of those places that's relatively close so you think, "i can go whenever!" and end up never going. i really must! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  6. I was lucky enough to visit Rhossili beach last year, I truly think it is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to! Such a lovely way to spend a few days, especially as there was such great weather when I visited. I've yet to make it to Cardiff though, so will have to try and do so next time I'm in Wales,

    Anna xx | The Girl In The Moon

  7. Cardiff is a beaut, gorgeous snaps too. The husband grew up up there so we head to Cardiff every now and again for a good mooch about. It's a great city, not too huge and lots going on-parfait.
    I'm in Devon and you definitely know all of the things there are to love here!!
    M x Life Outside London

  8. I have been living in South Wales for a year now - Caerphilly county - and have been wanting to go to Cardiff since the big move. You have definitely enhanced my want! It's only a short train ride away so I shall definitely get to it some time soon.

    I was born and bred in a city - London to be exact - but since moving to a more 'rural' area I have no want to live back in a city. It's good to know that Cardiff, our local city, has so much to offer though.

    Bits & Bobs

  9. You are making me want to come visit your city so badly!

  10. Love this post :) Cardiff is ace and there really is nothing like the atmosphere on a match day! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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