Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Jam Tree

After a night of excessJennyEllieBess, Emily, Emma and I were in dire need of yet more food. Mostly because it was Sunday, and who can be in London on a Sunday and not go for brunch somewhere!?

On Saturday evening, we had agreed on trying out The Jam Tree- conveniently located somewhere between the three London-based girls' homes. Being early birds (or rather, me being an early bird and Bess learning to deal with it), Bess and I were bang on time- and the rest of the girls were, well, not.

But it wasn't a hardship. We ordered tea and got down to the serious business of menu perusal and photography.

For a London brunch, I was pleasantly surprised by the prices- I mean, you'd pay almost as much for Eggs Benedict just about anywhere in the country.

We pretty quickly made our decisions, and sat waiting impatiently for the other girls to join us so we could order. Fortunately, they rocked up just before we sent out a search party, and we ordered six Full English breakfasts- perfect Sunday morning fare.

Now I normally don't order a Full English- they tend to leave me feeling hungover even when I haven't been drinking, and they're often fatty, greasy, and a bit grim. But this one was just lovely- great tasting bacon and sausages, nicely cooked mushrooms and eggs and oh my good god amazing Boston Baked Beans. Seriously- they were amazing. Emily, who swapped her beans for an impressive looking take on hash browns, made the wrong decision there. 

By the time we left, the garden was filling up nicely with a real mixture of people- young families, young professionals, student-y types, couples- it was a great place to sit and people watch and I'd highly recommend it for this alone. But for a very tasty breakfast at a not unreasonable price, I'd also suggest The Jam Tree. Perhaps not one to go completely out of your way for (it was good, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't make a pilgrimage here, but if you're in the Clapham area, it's definitely worth a peek.

Do you have any great brunch recommendations?


  1. That looks delicious! Love a good brunch.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  2. Looks delicious! Will have to check it out when I'm next down (I have family nr Clapham and stay with them when I'm in town) x

  3. It looks delicious. It looks like a very healthy Full English if you can have such a thing. Will have to go over the river for a visit! x

  4. This sounds great - making my stomach growl!
    There are two nice, reasonably priced cafes near me where my friends and I go quite a bit. On lazy days when we breakfast at 1 or 2 or 3 haha. One is the pavilion cafe in southsea, and the other also in southsea is called the belle isle - best fish finger sammich! The belle isle is also a bar and you can get a jug of pimms and the whole front of the store opens up so it's so great in summer :')

    amber love


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