Sunday, 8 June 2014

Street Feast

So after a fun filled day in Hyde Park, and despite giant burgers for lunch, JennyEllieBess, Emily, Emma and I had built up quite the appetite. Bess had suggested that we all try out Street Feast at Dalston Yard- and this turned out to be one of the best suggestions of the whole weekend.

If you've never been to or heard of Street Feast- basically, a warehouse is taken over by street food traders selling everything from lobster to pizza to cocktails to burgers... the list goes on. It's the perfect solution for a supper with six people- you know how often you go out for supper and one person isn't particularly enamoured with the place you've chosen? Well this way, everyone can pick exactly what they want, come together, share titbits- it's great!

We rocked up at about 6:30- perfect timing, as all of the stands still had all of their delicious offerings (apparently, a lot of traders sell out pretty quickly), and we didn't have to pay the £3 entry fee that comes into force at 7pm.

We had a quick stroll around, and bagged ourselves a table before splitting up in search of delicacies. I think this picture of Jenny and Emma kind of sums up all of our feelings about the whole thing...

I started with a korean burrito from Kimchinary. Oh my god, it was insanely good. Service was, perhaps if I'm being critical, a little slow, but it was completely worth the wait. Pulled porked with kimchi fried rice, korean hot sauce, and cheese. Unreal. I read about Kimchinary on someone's blog, and now I can't remember who it was but thank you. Seriously- this is a big bite, but it's completely worth the precious tummy space.

Next up was Anna Mae's  for mac n cheese. I was originally dubious about going for mac n cheese- after all, I can make it at home, it's filling... but after seeing some of the other girls get it, I had massive food envy and high tailed it over to the stand. I went for the Don Macaroni- bacon, basil oil, and fresh basil. All washed down with a G&T from the Gin Bar.

Now I'm a big gin fan- I am from Plymouth, after all. The knowledgeable girl at the bar asked the sorts of gins I liked, I rattled off a list, and she poured me a double Tanqueray No. 10 and tonic. It was amazing

Jenny and I share the view that no meal is complete without pudding, so we wandered over to Sorbitium for ice cream. I went for sea salted caramel and lemon mascarpone and raspberry, all topped with butterscotch bourbon sauce and caramelised cashews. OH MY GOD. Perfect end to a pretty damn awesome meal. Jenny thought so too. 

Stomachs groaning and temperature dropping, we decided to call it a night, and headed back to Emily's for wine and Cards Against Humanity. And I think the less we say about our behaviour there, the better...


  1. I love Street Feast and Kimchinary in particular, I've practically started stalking them around town, I used to visit them at Kerb Gherkin before we moved offices and I'm actually heading to Kerb Southbank today to get my pulled pork burrito fix!

  2. I just saw this on Bess' blog and decided I'm definitely going. The food looks so good - my mouth is watering at the sound and sight of it! x

  3. Tanqueray 10 is one of my favourite gins :) Good choice!
    Really wish I lived in LDN to visit this!

  4. Wowowow! This looks amazing! Feeling the need to go there asap!

    amber love

  5. I'm going to London in August and have told - not asked - everyone that we're going here if we can one evening!


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