Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Hyde Parking

Last Friday, I hopped on a train straight from work and aimed for the Big Smoke to spend a weekend with my five favourite bloggers, who also happen to be five of my favourite people overall.

I met Bess in Leicester Square and we aimed straight for Chinatown, where we gorged ourselves on a small feast of deliciousness before squeezing in my first Snog- mostly because Bess seems to think if she can feed me enough London delicacies, I might just up sticks and move there.

Suitably full, we stumbled back to her gorgeous new flat and promptly spent a good three hours sorting out this here blog layout of mine, before tumbling into bed and falling asleep straight away.

But when a view like this awaits from your host's roof terrace, you don't linger in bed on the Saturday morning.

And you certainly don't laze around in bed when this rabble are coming to find you.

Emily, Emma, Ellie, and Jenny swung by and we all hot footed it down to Hyde Park Corner for an afternoon pedaloing (it's a word) on the lake. 

But first? Lunch. And not just any lunch- burgers and Pimms in the sunshine, by the water. Do Saturdays get any better than that? Jenny and I were particularly bowled over by the amazing pickles we got with them- to the point that I think I ate mine before I even thought about taking a picture.

Now I'm a competitive spirit- which means that when I was picked last for pedalo teams, I may have had a little strop. But as soon as we were on the water (and away from the damn scary swans) I soon perked up. Though it turns out, pedalo racing is hard work, and it's an awful lot more fun to drift slowly across the water trying to catch a glimpse of the Brownlee brothers who were busy being energetic and completing in a triathlon in the park.

Pedaloing is thirsty work, so once our allotted time was up (and at £12 per person per hour, we bloody well made the most of our time on the lake), we went in search of a pub garden refuel. And on doing so, we discovered that  while only Emma and I are from Devon, we're all a bunch of cider drinkers... (top marks to you if you are now singing The Wurzles)

And once we'd refreshed ourselves, we aimed for Dalston and Street Feast- but more on that another day. 

The five girls are some of my absolute favourite weekend companions. I just need them all to move to Cardiff- or, if Bess has her way, for me to move to London. Of all the lovely things I've got to do through blogging, meeting these five is by far the lovelies.

Did you have a good Saturday?


  1. MOVE TO LONDON. MOVE TO LONDON.MOVE TO LONDON. And stop posting unflattering pictures of my face on the internet, if it's all the same to you... x

  2. I do love a refreshing cider! I've recently been converted to Cornish Rattler. We'll excuse the fact it's Cornish eh?! Still Westcountry though!
    I find London a little terrifying - too many people! I do pop up once or twice a year though and I do usually enjoy myself but find the pace of life a bit mental compared to the Shire!
    Escape to the Westcountry

  3. All of the love. All of it. I like the photos you took of my face :)

  4. Love it :) Looks like an awesome weekend- I'm rather jealous of it! I ran a 10k race and got stung by a bee... :( But it's all good, I got a medal and my dad treated me to an awesome burger too!

  5. looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend in London! you've reminded to go on those tricky pedaloes this summer, I haven't done it for years. it's always a lot of fun though :) x


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