Friday, 30 May 2014

Thursday Evenings

I think the best Thursday evenings are the ones where you come in from work, see the chaos the builders have left (who knew ripping out a whole kitchen, rerouting a load of plumbing, knocking down a wall, and installing a new one wasn't something that happened in the click of a finger!?), and breathe a big sigh of relief that you are heading to a friend's.

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And I think one of the best things about being a grown up is arriving at your friends' house and being greeted with general chit chat, closely followed by the question "What would you rather have? A nipple-sized penis, or penis-sized nipples?". 

Being presented with a glass of strange clear brandy that your friend had literally bought from a woman at the side of the road on holiday in Montenegro the previous week to sip while prepping a supper of chorizo and chickpea stew doesn't hurt either.

And topping off the evening with a shower (because you have no water at home) and planning summer theme park trips?

And okay, it may not have been quite so picturesque as that image- but it wasn't far off.

Unexpectedly fun weeknights as a grown up are my favourite.


  1. Sounds like such a nice Thursday evening :) and summery! xo

    amber love

  2. Sounds like a lush evening! Love the image. Week night shenanigans are the schnizz! PS Loving your blog! :)



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