Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hello June

I know I'm a couple of days early, but given that I'm posting about what I'm looking forward to in June, it seemed to make sense to write about it before June.

Or at least, it made sense to me. And that's the important thing.

I have a super busy June coming up. Busy to the point that I'm potentially not seeing J til the very last weekend. I'm not looking forward to that bit- 5 weeks without him? Nope, I'm needy and like seeing him at weekends. But sadly, this just isn't to be.

But I have plenty to keep myself occupied. And since we all like a list (isn't that one of the prerequisites of being a blogger? A lover of lists and either a tea or coffee addict?), I thought I'd list a few little things I'm looking forward to in the month ahead....

1. Seeing Jenny, Bess, Ellie, Emma, and Emily. Okay, so that's technically just before June starts as I'm off to stay with Bess on Friday, BUT I'll be with these girlies on 1st June and that counts. I cannot wait to see their little faces and give them all big squeezes.

2. A cheeky work trip. Okay, it will not be fun and games at all, I can imagine- but I have never been on a work trip before, and even if this one is only to the party capital of North Wales- Llandudno- I don't care. It has a pier, and I'm excited.

3. A new kitchen!! We are currently having a new kitchen fitted- including knocking down a wall between the kitchen and what is currently a dining area. Eek. All being well, it should be finished by the middle of next week and I cannot wait to have a kitchen big enough to dance in.

4. Longer evenings, lighter mornings. I love this time of year. However much I like winter, and cosying up indoors and being all warm, I bloody love the long light evenings in June. I mean, I'm writing this at 9:20pm, and it's still not properly dark outside. Isn't that brilliant!?

5. Planning. Mama CupandSaucer and I should, hopefully, be booking a little trip away on Monday, hopefully to Barcelona. (Can anyone recommend a great hotel there, by the way!?) I love an excuse to plan. Clearly I'm a control freak.

What are you looking forward to in June?


  1. Love number 5 - I am also a major planning control freak - glad to hear I'm not alone!

  2. Lover of lists and a coffee addict. You got that right!!

  3. Ah Llandudno pier, the thieving seagulls, the sticks of rock and the Great Orme. I wish you sunshine and fun!

  4. oh i LOVE Barcelona! you lucky thing! I went for the first time in September. We stayed in a lovely apartment in El Born (the olde worlde bit of Barcelona). It was through a company called Friendly Rentals. You absolutely HAVE to visit a little shop called Casa Gispert in Born We stayed above it) and the old Market where they found a mediaeval settlement underneath and it's now a museum - and there are so many tea shops, you'll be in heaven! There is also a brilliant, reasonably priced restaurant just behind Casa Gispert called El Pecat. The chef used to work for Heston Blumenthal.
    all of this is right next to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar.
    The tube system is really easy to use as well.

    Hoping to go back this year but my horses are currently spending all my holiday money with various problems!
    have an amazing time
    (apologies for long comment!!)

  5. Yay June! I love June - mainly because it is my birthday on the 4th so I have that to look forward to :) I love that the evenings stay lighter for longer, light makes me so happy! I haven't got much planned for June, everyones finished first year at uni and most of my friends have moved home but I'm staying here until July at least. So for me June is my birthday and a BBQ, a few house parties and raves, and job hunting so I can stay here for summer! xo

    amber love


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