Monday, 26 May 2014

Happiness Is... (Vol. 68)

Another bank holiday?! We really are spoilt in May aren't we? I'm certainly not complaining- last week was my first five-day week at work for one reason or another, and I'm pretty pleased that culture shock will be cushioned by a four day week this week.

I know I say this all the time, but time is racing past at the moment. I appear to have blinked, and suddenly we're in June. I'm quite happy I took to keeping a diary (as in, an organise-your-life type, not a journal type- though I suppose this counts too) so I can see what I've actually done with my weekends the whole way through the year so far. 2014, it seems, has been a pretty good year.

But anyway. I'm aware I've been neglecting this online world a little recently- time isn't something I have an abundance of, but I'm trying- so we'll start in the place I'm most familiar with. This week, happiness is...

... time out. As I've just mentioned, I've been non-stop recently. I seem to feel uncomfortable just doing nothing- but yesterday afternoon, J and my mum ganged up on me and told me I needed to take the afternoon off (from life, it seems). And it was lovely. Of course, we did still bake, and play Would You Rather, but it was nice to just relax in J's company and do nothing of note.

... late night cinema trips. J and I went to see X-Men: Days of Future Past last night (I highly recommend), and the showing didn't start til 9:30. I don't think I've ever been to the cinema that late before, and it was hilarious coming out at midnight and seeing Plymouth's finest all yelling in drunken stupors outside of the Oceana three doors down.

... blueberry and ginger smoothies from Boston Tea Party. I know I've mentioned these before, but oh my god. Waking up in Exeter on Saturday morning, all I wanted was one of these bad boys. I'm going to have to recreate them at home sooner or later, they're just that delicious. They go well with scrambled eggs too.

... J. Yes, unbearably soppy to include him in one of these lists. But just being around him makes me happier than I've been in ages, and given that I know he reads this, he deserves to see his own name here. Or at least his first initial.

... burgers and half price cocktails. Hub Box, I love you with your enormous slider platters I made a huge dent in. Southernhay House half price cocktails? I love you more (get the SH Garden Martini. You will not regret it). P pouring me a very large G&T made with The Botanist gin when we got back? Best way to top off a Friday night. 

What's making you happy this week?


  1. Love this list! BTP blueberry and ginger smoothies are SO good aren't they?! Which reminds me I meant to comment on your other post saying that if you haven't been, the Living Room on Polsloe Rd in Exe is a total hidden gem for fry ups/deliciously bad breakfast food! Also my boyfriend saw your Hubbox instagram over my shoulder and is now insisting that we go so I just might insist we head to Southernhay House after to try that martini ;)


  2. Those scrambled eggs look delicious, you've got a lot of good-looking food on your blog! Everyone needs to take some time out to do nothing, it's the best :)

    Sarah// A Sunday Smile

  3. The amazing weather today has made my Bank Holiday weekend! Took the dogs to Dartmoor for a walk and just sat doing nothing in the sun, away from everything and all the chores of day to day home life! It was bliss! I could have stayed there all day.
    I'm hoping to get the ferry to Mt. Edgcumbe for a day out in the near future as well.
    Sarah xx

  4. I love a late night cinema trip - it really makes me feel like a grown up! That slider size is insane! x


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