Friday, 16 May 2014

Al Fresco

Last night I ate supper outside for the first time this year. HURRAH!!

Eating outside is my favourite thing. Mostly because I love food and I love being outside- combine the two, and you're on to a winner in my book.

I made myself a spring-y risotto (roasted yellow pepper and tomatoes, with green beans and peas), piled it high in my favourite bowl, and took myself outside with parmesan and water, only to be joined moments later by M and M with homemade burgers and a bottle of rioja (I wasn't jealous at all).

We soaked up the last of the sunshine, swapped stories about our days, and chattered about how much we love this unexpected glorious sunshine, and how happy we are not to be revising right now. Being a proper grown up is great sometimes.

Next on the list? Breakfast outside. My heart might explode from the happiness.


  1. Nothing beats eating outside! I'm gutted we don't have a garden :( As soon as we look to buy I'll be on the look out for a nice garden!

    Chloe x

  2. Looks fab, I was so excited the other day when I realised that it was actually a bit too warm for a coat, roll on Summer!

  3. That looks great! I'm loving the sunshine. Cracked out the sandals for the first time this morning. Lets hope it lasts! :) xx

    Katy |

  4. Ooh I love your pink grater! I love eating outside too, picnics or at a table, its the best!! xx

  5. That risotto looks delicious! I'm going to copy it, I love risotto but find it hard to come up with good ingredient ideas!

    rachael xx | made up of little things

  6. Your spring risotto looks oh so tasty! Such a good idea to throw in all those vegetables. And eating al fresco cannot be eaten!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  7. Spring risotto is such a great idea for this time of year!

    I'm all for eating outside, but rather scared of the bees in my garden! I know, what a wimp!

    Saskia /

  8. I loooove eating outside! One of my favourite things about summer! xo

    amber love


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