Friday, 11 April 2014

Sushi Making

It would be a bit of an understatement if I were to describe my group of friends as “foodies”.

We love food. Most gatherings involve food of some description, primarily made by our own fair hands. One recent Sunday, for example, involved a breakfast of pastries and fruit; afternoon tea of blueberry cake, scones with jam and cream, and cupcakes; and a Chinese-inspired roast chicken (think five-spice potatoes, tons of garlic and ginger, and stir fried veg). And it was amazing.

There are members of our group who will think nothing of going out for supper and spending £100. Many-coursed taster menus are de rigeur. There are a lot of really great restaurants in Cardiff, and boy do we make the most of them.

So when M, N and I had a girly night last Saturday, we knew we had to make something amazing for supper. The problem was- we’re all quite indecisive. Until N suggested we made sushi, that is.

Now N and her boyfriend make sushi on a fairly regular basis, and M had been on a sushi making course, so I felt way out of my depth, and left them to instruct me. Turns out- making sushi is seriously straightforward business. Rolling mat, nori, sushi rice, fillings, roll. A monkey could do it.

We filled our rolls with smoked salmon, spring onion and cucumber; avocado and bacon; tuna and avocado; and smoked salmon and avocado. Some with rice, some (when we ran out) without. Seriously delicious stuff, and perfect fare for a girly evening when accompanied by two and a half bottles of wine, and followed by (shop bought, gasp!) tiramisu.


  1. GASP!!! I'll never take you seriously again Alice...oh wait, you made Sushi.... that makes it okay!! I've always wanted to make my own sushi, great idea for a girls night in, fun way to make the food part of the entertainment too!! Have a great weekend, looking forward to catching up on Monday!!! xx

  2. I know Joe's tried making sushi before, it always looks pretty fun to me. Saying that, we have some pretty decently Japanese run local stores that had full on sushi bars so we just op for the easy way out and get someone else to make it! Good for you for giving it a go though!


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