Saturday, 12 April 2014


I'm really not meant to be spending any money at the moment. Seriously- I buy clothes for no good reason in particular, and I'm terrible for popping to Tesco and buying something "interesting" for supper rather than just using up what's in the cupboard. From now, I'm on a bit of a spending ban- I don't need any more new clothes, or books, or baking paraphernalia. I have a freezer full of delicious things to eat. I must stop shopping.

Fortunately, before I got this ridiculous notion into my head, I did go shopping. And I was actually quite restrained, when you look at it....

I am running out of my favourite Origins cleanser, and was looking for a (much) cheaper alternative to try out. Enter Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser, which so far, I'm really liking- I don't think my skin is any worse than normal (I have very, very sensitive, very reactive skin that freaks out when I drink red wine or get stressed, let alone when I try a new product), so it's a thumbs up from me. I also replenished my stock of Botanics Facial Oil, which I love to use before bed, as well as picking up some shampoo and conditioner. Am I the only one who a) always has to have matching shampoo and conditioner and b) changes which brand they use every time they buy a set?

Next stop was Lakeland for baking supplies. It was my grandad's 80th birthday on Friday, and today we're all off out for a family lunch, followed by cake and champagne at my great aunt and uncles- and I was asked to provide the cake. If all has gone to plan (I'm writing this on Thursday), it will be a lemon maderia sponge covered with white fondant icing, dotted with coloured fondant 80s with a ribbon around it. I'm sure I'll share the results regardless.

I needed to pop to Waterstones to get The Silent Wife for the next Blogger Book Club, and as I could get another book half price, it seemed rude not to- so I bought The Luminaries, mostly because I like to read books that make me look intelligent. And you know, it sounds pretty interesting too.

I also may have bought Mini Eggs as I'm stockpiling my favourite Easter chocolate for when I can finally eat  it next Sunday.

Since then, I also might have bought Frozen. finally saw it for the first time on Wednesday (I know!) and I was so excited by it I bought it on my way home on Thursday. It was certainly a sensible purchase, as after getting some sad news later that evening, I know I'll be watching it again this weekend  to cheer myself up.

So there we have it! My last splurge for a good long while. If you see me in town, or see me tweeting about shopping, yell at me?

Have you bought anything fun recently?


  1. Im exactly the same with matching shampoo and conditioner...and underwear but thats prob TMI! hannah x

  2. Oh my God, I am so glad to know I'm not the only one who does that with shampoo and conditioner. And if I'm being perfectly honest, my choice each time is based entirely on which bottle I think looks the prettiest at the time (usually means it's also the most expensive...oops)

    How do I join the Blogger Book Club?? I absolutely love a good reason for a new book recommendation!

    <3 Kiersten

  3. I am hopeless and frequently find myself arriving home with bags of just....stuff. Snacks, treats, charity shop finds; it all adds up though. I went on a spending ban a couple of times a while ago but it doesn't seem to have rubbed off. Perhaps time for another :) x

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  5. The holidays are here and I've gone mad for spending. I'll have nothing for the last week when I go back to school but that's ok! I've got 4 new pairs of shoes (!) and some lovely summery tops.

    Mini-eggs have also featured in my trolley many times this week. Enjoy your purchases! x


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