Tuesday, 29 April 2014

On Being A Morning Person

I love being a morning person.

I love the fact that I never snooze my alarm. Never struggle to wake up. Occasionally I stumble to the bathroom to shower with my eyes still predominantly closed, and yes, once or twice I have forgotten to take my towel with me, but on the whole, I am great in the mornings.

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I love dancing it out in the kitchen, while waiting for the kettle to boil. I love breakfast. I love the ritual of standing over the hob, absent mindedly stirring a saucepan full of porridge while my tea brews, and singing to whatever Chris Evans happens to be playing that morning.

Yesterday, M and I were having breakfast together and I'd forgotten a spoon- so I ran from the table to the kitchen to grab one. She looked at me in shock, and mumbled "You're so quick in the mornings", before returning to her bowl of cereal. Safe to say, M isn't a morning person, and we've both had to learn to deal with this.

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I love the idea of breakfast in bed, but I am never in bed long enough to be treated to this. One day, I'll stay put long enough and it will be amazing.

I am always one of the first into the office, choosing to arrive at, or just before, 8am- and I love that first hour more than any other hour in the day (even lunchtime). I love the quiet, and that I am productive and can get things done. I love the first cup of tea at my desk, sipped while I read emails and refine my list of things to do that day.

I'm a real creature of routine, and I follow the same morning ritual every day. I'm currently trying to get out of the habit of washing my hair every day, and it is completely throwing off my mornings. It's the most difficult things about it, I'm telling you now. If my morning routine is broken, I will most likely be a nightmare for a good few hours after.

The peace is my favourite thing about mornings. I find mornings where I'm the last up rather stressful. I hate the idea of being thought to be lazy. I am not a lazy person, so if everyone in the house beats me to the ground floor in the morning, it's sufficient to wrong-foot me for the rest of the day.

Mornings are my happy place.

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  1. I'm with you! I hate wasting hours of daylight in bed. xxx

  2. I feel exactly the same, I'm totally a morning person and feel like morning's are the best time of day whether for getting things done or calming down quietly for the day ahead!

  3. This is me 100%, I just get so much done first thing, I don't understand sleeping your life away in bed! We're a strange breed! xxx

  4. I am most certainly not a morning person...I wish I could be though - from what you've said it sounds delightful! Wouldn't give up the Mr bringing me morning tea in bed for the world though!!

  5. Urgh, I am SO jealous. I wish I was a morning person. But I'm really not. Not at all. I even find physically talking quite painful in the mornings. No matter how long I've been getting up early for (an average of 7am since I started school, so that's a good 25 years ago), I still can't function properly in the mornings.

    You would have thought that after getting up at 7am for quarter of a century, that my body would have been used to it. But nope. I'm awful and I get so jealous of people who are full of beans in the morning (unless they're full of beans anywhere near me, then I want to kill them!!).

    Victoria, x victoriachapman.co.uk

  6. How I envy you, early bird!! I'm not a morning person at all (I can comfortably snooze till 9am and I'm most productive between 5pm and 10pm, I think). Still, like you, I get to the office between 7.50 and 8.10am most days, just to enjoy the peace and quiet and have a cup of tea while I focus my thoughts for the tasks I need to do. I don't even listen to the radio in the morning - sometimes I drive for forty minutes in stony silence because it's the only quiet time I will find all day long! I liked this post Alice - it feels good to know we are doing the same thing in different parts of the country at that time in the morning!


  7. This post makes me happy. Because you are so happy - not because I'm a morning person. I'm not but I'm working on it!

  8. I like mornings too! Not enough to get in to work early, but still! I've always been that way and I get such guilt when I spend the day in bed or doing very little - I like to make the most of every moment and that definitely includes the mornings which can even be cosy when stood by the hob or watching BBC Breakfast! x

  9. I am most definitely a morning person too, I never ever though I would be but it seems getting up at 5:30 most morning changes the body clock indefinitely, now I'm back on 9-5 it's lovely as I can fit in a workout before and a long breakfast before starting the morning commute!

    hannah bee xo


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