Friday, 18 April 2014

Hub Box, Exeter

I am a big fan of a good burger. Seriously- they may be tricky to eat in a dignified way, but for the most part I can get over that quickly enough to enjoy stuffing my face with a chunk of meat and carby goodness. Bonus points if cheese is involved.

New (predominantly independent- hooray!) burger places are popping up left, right, and centre at the moment. So when I was in town on Friday night, J and I decided to give Hub Box, Exeter's latest offering a go. His housemate strongly recommended it to us, so we had pretty high expectations- and we were not disappointed.

We arrived at around 8pm, and were told that while they couldn't seat us right that second, a table would be free in around 15 minutes- so we popped our names on the list, and quickly nipped to the cash point, having spotted that it was cash only. By the time we got back (probably only 5 minutes later), a table was ready for us, so we settled ourselves on the high benches and perused the pretty varied menu whilst admiring the industrial-esque decor- I mean, the kitchen is built inside an old storage container. This is pretty cool stuff for deepest, darkest Devon!!

 I'm a terrible, terrible decision maker, so I chopped and changed between three or four different things on the menu before plumping for the incredibly unladylike Big Chill burger, while J went for the Big Kahuna. I was pretty damn impressed with my choice- the burger itself was delicious, while the chilli had some great heat to it. I was also pleased to spot at the bottom of the menu that their meat comes from farmers in Devon and Cornwall. And I managed to eat it without spilling any down my top, so wins all around.
The Big Kahuna
The Big Chill
There was one tiny negative, however: where we were sitting, there were four tables laid out in a square- but in such a way that to get to one of tables, the poor waitress had to ask me to let her squeeze through- which happened at least four or five times, and was a little disruptive. However, she was so apologetic about this every time, and you could tell she genuinely felt awful about having to disturb us. She also gave us a couple of extra stamps on a loyalty card by way of an apology for it. It didn't affect my enjoyment of the food, or atmosphere, or anything though- this was more a minor niggle than a deal breaker, and fingers crossed they'll rearrange that area in the near future, so I wouldn't let that put you off. 

Have you got a good burger place near you? 


  1. This place looks very yummy, and right up my street (as any good burger place is)! I was just in Exeter earlier this week, wish I'd known about it before as I definitely would've tried it out!! It's a real shame about the inconvenient tables, hopefully they'll realise it needs to be changed and sort it out for next time you're there though!

    imogen // imogenscribbles

  2. I'm spoilt for choice for burgers now living in the US, Bagger Daves, the Red Coat Tavern and the Emroy - all of which are local (although Bagger Daves is a MI chain) so awesome, huge burgers that just leave your fingers sticky - just like your face is, just so good though. Shame they only take cash though, that's a little odd these days!

  3. Those onion rings look incredible!

  4. Looks amazing, wish I had read this when I was up in Exe on Fri!


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