Thursday, 3 April 2014

Five Favourites

We’re taught from a young age that favourites are a bad thing. We shouldn't have favourite friends in primary school- that makes others feel excluded. Teachers can’t have favourites. Parents certainly can’t have favourites. But let’s face it- we all do.

For instance, this giraffe is currently my favourite thing IN THE WORLD. Source

I have five favourite blogger ladies. They have become more than just people whose blogs I love to read- they’ve become real, actual friends. When I’m stressing over something, when I succeed at something, when I need a moan or just to hear about how someone else’s day is going- they are there. They are the bloggers I want to spend time with not because they are bloggers- but because they are girls with whom I feel a certain amount of kinship. They regularly make my day- with funny little anecdotes, pictures of their beautiful faces, stories of horrific days that make me realise that mine may not have been that bad. They are all people I wish I could see more often- why they don’t live in Cardiff is beyond me, quite frankly, but hey ho, I suppose that’s part of life. They're awesome, and inspiring, and will probably be quietly vomiting into a corner at me being gross and mushy.

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Girls- you’re great. And I can’t wait to spend more time with you soon- but for the time being, I’m sharing your blogs with others...

Jenny, from Sunny Sweet Pea- korfball. Books. Tea. Baking. Wales. Just a few of the things we have in common. J is all sorts of brilliant, PR wizard, clever, funny, and always knows the right thing to say when I'm having a life wobble. She's the queen of "if it isn't right, do something about it" and I bow down to her greatness. She also co-runs the Blogger Book Club with me- stay tuned, I'll tell you what our next book is tomorrow!!

Bess, from Thoroughly English- Bess and I are going for a VERY exciting brunch in two weeks. I couldn't be more excited. Partly for the food, but mostly because of her wonderful company. Sarcastic, direct, and insanely clever, and so so kind and lovely- and a bloody brilliant hostess to boot. She also knows all about all the best food to have in York (and will likely be making some of it herself, the brilliant cook that she is).

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Ellie, from Mantra Pixie- Oh Ellie has always got a brilliantly funny "last night" story for us. She's so much fun to be around, and the first time I met her it felt instantly like I'd known her for about six years. Ellie is my clean eating guru, and while I definitely do NOT have her willpower, particularly as far as not eating sugar is concerned, I think she's bloody brilliant.

Emma, from Stripes and Snapshots- It turns out, Emma's parents live near mine, and she went to school with people I know, which just goes to prove how small the world it. Emma is hilarious, and if something ridiculous is going to happen to one of us, chances are it'll happen to Emma, and probably first thing in the morning while she's waiting to brush her teeth. She's also a mega runner, and inspires me to think about going for a run. Getting out of the door is a different story though...

Emily, from Midday Thunder- One day on Twitter, about this time last year, I think Emily included me in a group of "bloggers who aren't chumps", along with Bess, Rosie, Rachael, Charlotte, and a few others, if memory serves. So without her, I probably wouldn't be friends with the rest of these gorgeous girlies. Her life makes me jealous (her holidays sound incredible), her photography is great, and she's generally just bloody brilliant. Or at least she seems it- I still haven't met her, and I want to soon. Please.

Honestly- you could do a lot, lot worse than a bunch of girls as brilliant as these. 


  1. Love you! And the other girlies. Ps. I brushed my teeth today. Xx

  2. Aw thanks little one. I'm always good at a virtual slap when someone's having a wobble :P I shall be seeing your pretty face soon. Whoop whoop xx

  3. You are right - that giraffe may possibly be the most adorable thing I've ever laid eyes on. Thanks for sharing your favourite bloggers - I'm always hunting for new awesome blogs to read.
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea


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