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52 Lists: Childhood and Current Dream Jobs

Despite being a full time, paid, member of the adults-who-go-to-work club, I still have no real idea what I want to do. I like the idea of being something that people understand when you tell them your job title- “I’m a doctor”, “I’m an accountant”, “I’m an engineer” are all far easier than trying to explain what I do on a day to day basis. Quite honestly, 50% of the time I’m not even sure what I do, so when someone puts me on the spot a work conference, or over lunch, I’m generally found babbling vaguely about the things I remember doing the previous week, rather than what I actually do.

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When I was younger, I thought I knew what I wanted to do. And now? I have no idea. Or rather, I do have ideas, but I’m always a little bit frightened to take the leap. Because let’s be honest- to retrain is expensive, both in terms of time and financially, and to make that commitment would require me to be very, very certain that it was the right thing to do- or to have enough money not to worry if I failed. It’s difficult, isn’t it? We have to make these enormous decisions about what we want to do for the rest of our lives when we’re sixteen, seventeen, eighteen- at the age when we tend not to have to decide what we’re having for supper, let alone what we might want to still be doing forty years later.

So I have two lists. One, of the things I wanted to do when I was a child (and by child, I mean Pre-University. So for some of those years, I suppose I was an adult...)

As a child, I wanted to be...
- a hairdresser. This was the one for years. I used to pretend to be a hairdresser called Miss Box and sit on the back of the sofa behind my dad and comb his hair. I was a strange child.
- a journalist- in fact, my father still wants me to do this. Me? Not so much.
- a lawyer. And then I realised I just didn't want it enough- you need to be seriously hardcore to make it in law, it seems.
- an actress. I even did Performance Studies to AS-Level- and then? Completely lost interest. Just not for me.

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And now?

- a baker. That's the one I am desperate for, I'll be honest. All I really want is my own bakery- and I am going to do my damnedest to make this work, at some point. I'll have a bakery/ tearoom and I'll be happy as a clam, baking up a storm, and making someone else deal with the accounts.
- a speech and language therapist. I am incredibly, incredibly tempted to go back to uni to do this. I'd need to get some experience to do it- which, when working full time, is easier said than done- but if I had the time and the money to return to full time study for four years, I'd be there.
- a florist. This was always my fall back until I fell in love with baking- I'd love to spend my days surrounded by flowers, making bouquets for people. I always quite wanted a bakery/ florist shop, actually. Maybe I'll still combine the two?

Sigh. It’s a tricky one, isn’t it? Does anyone ever really know what they want to do? I’m not convinced. But it's like the Avett Brothers say, isn't it- decide what to be, and  go be it. (Great song). And I should certainly follow this advice:

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By the way- I think there are a few 52 Lists projects going around now. I got the idea for this one from Bella.


  1. I thought I'd missed a list but I seem to be doing a different one to you. Anyways I love this topic. I still haven't the foggiest what I want to do when I "grow up" despite as you say being part of the working adult club haha. I always wanted to be an actress when I was little or a doctor. But somehow I ended up as a sports coach. In the future I would love to open my own bakery too. My friend and I have talked about this loads! Or a primary school teacher is a more realistic aspiration.
    Lovely post. I think it's very hard at 16, 17, 18 to have a clue what you want to do in life!
    Kate xx

  2. I'm 33, been in my job for 13 years and still got no idea what I want to do when I grow up :s I'm so jealous of people who are out there doing what they love. If I knew what I wanted to do it'd be a good start! Sometimes I think I'd like to be a Giraffe Keeper at the zoo cos I love giraffes but then I realise that's maybe a bit random!

    Chloe x

  3. It is hard knowing what to many jobs my friends have I didn't even know existed, in terms of their roles and responsibilities etc, so that makes it even harder to narrow it down! I've just finished my PhD, and am now applying for jobs, I'm applying for a broad range as I still don't really know what exactly I want. Ideally, I'd like someone to pay me to sit in the sun, drink tea and read books, but I feel that's unlikely to happen!

  4. You are so not alone here. I'm graduating college in exactly a month, and I am so terrified. I spent the last few years believing I want to go into Journalism and now that I've been writing for a while I just...don't. So I'm getting my paralegal license, and just praying that's going to work out.
    <3 Kiersten

  5. I wanted to be in the RAF until I was about 14, then I switched to wanting to be a journalist. I'm, not sure what happened after that, I somehow switched and geography became my thing and i rolled through university and wanted to live in academia. I guess I've never had a real set plan or dream or a career and I kind of like it that way, I work for myself, I run my ebay store, it doesn't make me big bucks but it pays the bills, it's fun and I get to to work for myself. I guess I just float a little lol.

  6. You're never too old to change paths - even if others think you're loopy and in the current climate should just be happy to have a job. I changed careers at 29 when I swapped being a PA in media to being a Teaching Assistant before training as a teacher. It wasn't a decision I took lightly but I'm really happy I did. Even though I enjoyed my PA roles in my twenties I didn't love it and now wish I'd changed years ago rather than just be 'starting out' now. Keeping thinking about what you'd love to do and you'll know when it's time to change paths. x

  7. Lots of little girls seem to want to be hairdressers, I remember it being a popular choice when I was little. I wanted to be a vet when I was very little, until I realised it didn't mean cuddling fluffy animals all day. I very briefly liked the idea of being a lollipop lady, can't remember why. Then I wanted to be an author. I still do. Or Princess Jasmine. I still want that one too.

  8. I really wanted to be a journalist too. Then I realised that a lot of the time journalists are really mean to get their stories and chase/track people down. That side didn't appeal so much to me. A travel writer job, however, would be right up my street!

  9. At the moment im meant to be revising for my final exams to see me as a qualified speech and language therapist. I wanted to do this since leaving school but unfortunately didnt make it into a course. Now im doing it as a post graduate and although cramming it all into two years has been hard and i feel like spending five years as a student has left me behind somewhat it cannot wait to get out there into work! I thought getting onto the course would be really hard but if it's something that you really want to do you'll get there. x


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