Friday, 21 March 2014

Tea Time

I don't know about you, but to me, tea time is a very, very important part of the day. 

I am a self confessed tea addict. I genuinely can't remember the last time I went a day without a cup (perhaps in Thailand last June, but I think even then we managed to get our hands on something), and a bad cup of tea is an easy way to get into my bad books very quickly.

At university, we all used to stop whatever we were doing at 4pm and come together for tea, cake or biscuits (or both), and Radio 2. We were possibly the most middle aged, middle class students going, but it made us happy and was a great way for us all to catch up and get away from our books (or, you know, Playstations, in the case of my male housemates).

It's a tradition I'd rather like to be able to continue now, but alas, working full time means we all tend to be working away in our respective offices at 4pm- and given that these are scattered across the southern half of the United Kingdom, it would be a tall order to get us all together just for tea and biscuits.

But whenever I have an afternoon free, I resurrect this tradition. When I have nearby friends who are free, they are brought in on the action too, but more often than not this is a solo treat. And when the lovely folk at Jing Tea sent me some lovely Darjeeling 2nd Flush to try, I couldn't wait for an opportunity to treat myself to a proper tea experience. 

I boiled the kettle, popped the teabag into one of my favourite mugs, filled the prettiest jug I  could find with just enough milk, gathered a few biscuits, and settled down for a really luxurious cup of tea. All too often, I grab a cup of (often poor quality) tea while I'm on the go, and don't get the chance to properly enjoy it. Not so here. The tea was beautifully flavoured, light, refreshing, and perfect with Nigella and a few custard creams on my afternoon off.

I also shared the tea with M and M a couple of weekends ago over a Saturday brunch of pancakes, fruit, and yoghurt, and can confirm that it went down a treat at breakfast time too. Really, a proper cup of tea requires time to be paid to it- whether that's at 4pm, or at breakfast time. Just not at your desk, okay?

Just kick your shoes off, curl up, and savour the moment.

In the interests of full disclosure, I was sent this tea to review but I wasn't financially compensated for writing this. All opinions are, of course, my own.


  1. I share your love for a good cup of tea Alice. Yorkshire tea is a firm favourite of mine with Twinings being the least favourite. I think it's a fine art to make a good cup of tea and so many people do it wrong! Maybe you should start a tea lovers blog club.


  2. I've definitely started enjoying tea time more since I've moved here, it's such a nice little comfort to curl up with tea and a cookie and relax for a little bit.
    Love your spotty tray!

  3. I'm a tea addict - literally. I recently had to cut down my intake because it was just becoming too much. I drink 2 cups a day now and always enjoy a sweet treat with it, because tea isn't tea without a treat y'know. Having said that, the only tea I actually like is traditional tea, just a regular tea bag, milk and sugar. I've tried other tea infusions and such but it just isn't the same to me.
    I love your teawares (I think I may have just made that word up).
    Bits & Bobs

  4. At a meeting this morning, someone made me a cup of tea and used coffee whitener instead of milk. It was horrible! No cup of tea should be subjected to yucky, creamy-milk-flavoured powder - I would have preferred it black! Worst thing was I had to drink at least half of it so I didn't seem rude.

    Loving the custard creams by the way - I think they're the most underrated biscuit in Britain. I like mine dunked. Yum.

    Happy Chapess

  5. Your tea set is adorable! A simple cup of tea in your favourite mug is the solution to anything.

    I often have tea as much as possible at work - just so I can get up from my desk and do something different (and have a gossip...)

    Custard creams are a strong biscuit choice. Good work Alice x

  6. i'm a coffee person, but sometimes i drink tea too. and yes, i can't remember the last time i could survive a day without coffee. and that's a cute tea cup!

  7. I was never a huge tea fan until I headed North for Uni, and was introduced to the great tea making skills of my Yorkshire flat mate. I've never looked back, and could easily demolish a packet of custard creams in seconds.
    Emma's Treasures
    Emma xo

  8. I love tea, no correction I am a tea addict I love nothing more than tea with a few biscuits. I will have to give Jing a go x

  9. Tea is a truly wonderful thing. I love visiting Liam's great Auntie because she makes proper tea using a tea strainer and a tea pot and it is just delicious! I need to start going it myself because she really does make the best cup of tea!xx

  10. LOVE tea! And I have so many weird little things I have to do as well! Every time I have tea I have to go and get something nice to eat, even if it's just one small biscuit! I HAVE to have tea at 3:00 pm, even if I'm mega busy at work I have to stop everything to go and get my cup of tea. I also literally can't speak in the morning until I've had my cuppa!


  11. Tea time is probably my favorite meal of the day (it is a meal in my book)! But I prefer to have it with no milk to really taste the flavor! Yum yum!
    The Beauty Break

  12. Lovely photos, I feel like I am really missing out by not being a huge fan of tea! xx

  13. Wow, that university group sounds wonderful - I hope I'll meet a group like that who are willing to drink tea with me whenever is feasibly possible, not forgetting a couple of biscuits! xx

  14. I love a good cup of tea, and living in Spain, I miss it so so much! Yes, I brought my own tea bags, but the different water and non-fresh milk just makes it taste a bit odd. You really cannot beat a proper cup of tea though when times are tough! xx

  15. A day is not right without a good cup of tea! I'm going through an assam phase at the moment. There's nothing like having a break mid-experiment in the lab and indulging in a brew and a chocolate bar!

  16. and now I seriously want a biscuit..


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