Saturday, 8 March 2014


So we appear not to have had a proper winter this year. If I were to name the season, this winter would be The Winter of ENDLESS RAIN. Compared to last winter, which was The Winter It Snowed And Didn't Stop.

It seems to me like we're about to come blinking back into the sunshine though. On my lunchbreak yesterday, I took a quick turn around the park to calm my nerves before spending my afternoon presenting to large groups of students. It's part of my role which I thought I would hate, and actually ended up really really enjoying. Turns out, I can present coherently even when my co-presenter left my notes in the office, and no one was more surprised about that than I was.

But anyway. As I was walking around the park in my tights and raincoat, I couldn't help but feel slightly ridiculous. Because, believe it or not, it was sunny and warm and felt so springlike I could have run around the park squealing like a three year old if I wasn't so nervous about the presentation.

At a conference on Wednesday, I was speaking with another attendee who had travelled from London to Cardiff to attend. She was saying how she hadn't been to Cardiff in something like six years "And now I'm here," she said "I can remember why- it just always rains!". And in fairness, she had a point- it was miserable that day.

When the sun shines here, it's magical. The parks look lush and green, the river sparkles, faces turn upwards and bear smiles from ear to ear. I can't wait for spring to really hit us- the blossom, birdsong, and blue skies are enough to make this girl incredibly happy.


  1. Manchester is very much the same. Dull as dishwater in the bad weather, but truly stunning in the sunshine. Especially with all the flowers in bloom and the blossom on the trees :)
    I'm glad your presenting has gone well- I still suffer terrible nerves despite it being the main way of presenting data as a PhD! Hopefully by the end of the process I'll be better.
    Happy spring :) x

  2. You and your blog are always little rays of sunshine to me A, no matter how much it's raining ;) xxxxx

  3. I love the photo, I for one am SO glad Spring is on it's way and it's getting warmer, last Winter seemed to go on forever.

    x Hayley-Eszti

  4. Oh I really do long for spring, cherry blossom and blue skies that are as warm as they look. This winter has really been all about the snow - I think we got over 100 inches this year, it sucks!

  5. The winter of the endless rain. I like that - so true! I have all my fingers crossed the wet period has broken and we're now truly heading into spring x

  6. Apparently even over here in Seville we've had the worst winter for ages - rain, cold, cloud, everything. These last few days it feels like the weather has woken up and it's finally spring! xx

  7. I can't believe I missed the sun! I think it's all set to go again this week, gutted!


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