Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rainbow Brights

Maybe it's the change in the seasons, but recently I seem to have been obsessing over bright colours. I mean, you only need to take a quick peek at my Instagram feed to see that I'm loving all things rainbow hued- cake, flowers, sprinkles...

It's starting to work its way through into a lot of other aspects of my life too. I'm finding myself wanting to wear colours (a problem, considering a lot of my clothes are black, white, grey, or breton striped), have brightly coloured homewares, organise my books in rainbow order, and paint my nails in every colour under the sun (though at the moment they're in Essie's Merino Cool- not exactly bright...)

I've been having a bit of a peruse of the web and have found an awful lot of things that if I has all the money in the world I would be snapping up. It's great- normally, I want things in entirely the wrong season- grey dresses in spring, pale pink in autumn, black in the middle of summer... it's a problem. But I've found rather a lot of things I would currently gladly buy- bank balance, I apologise now...


I actually bought the blue dress a couple of weekends in London- it's so pretty, is very flattering on, it has pockets (always a selling point for me), and I can see it becoming a staple in my work wardrobe for the foreseeable future. 

As always, I'm in love with everything Emma Bridgewater are producing- they have so many seriously pretty things at the moment that it's proving incredibly difficult not to just hit "checkout" and spend all of my wages there every month. My housemade and I have actually already got a pretty impressive collection though, so perhaps I should wait a while...

I've also taken to browsing Anthropologie recently- which again, is dangerous territory for my poor bank balance. I've fallen in love with this cushion, this bedding and can we just talk about this blouse for a moment? Oh so pretty!!

From here
I'm sure quite a few of these things will be winging their way to me soon- and I am very excited about this. Sigh. Will I ever learn not to just spend?!

What are you lusting after at the moment?


  1. This post has immediately reminded me that I wanted to paint my nails a nice bright Spring colour for tomorrow .... thank you :D

  2. Rainbow sprinkles are instantly cheering! Love the Anthropologie blouse; I'm too afraid to click through to their website as I fear for my bank balance!!


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