Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Weekend Was Mostly Spent...

The format for this has come entirely from Love Audrey- one of the loveliest blogs I read. You should check her out, if you don't already. Though she is much more organised with these posts and does them on a Sunday. Around these here parts, you get posts about weekends on a Tuesday- because really, why not?

My weekend was mostly spent...

- waking up early  (7:30am!) without an alarm
- slowly getting dressed in a faintly weather-appropriate outfit
- beaming at the sunshine outside my window
- feeling lazy when M and M came in from their early morning run

- making the three of us pancakes
- letting M do the washing up
- popping to Sainsbury's for supplies
- chatting with M's visiting family members

- going for a stroll around the park in the sunshine
- reading the paper

- having a late lunch of pea soup and a crumpet
- showing a friend around the house
- going for tea and cake in Coffee #1

- finding out how many people Harold Shipman killed (250+, according to wikipedia)
- taking an impromptu trip to Ikea
- buying new bedding, new pictures, and bathroom scales
- assembling a six-layer rainbow cake. Wonkily.

- putting together homemade pizza with M and M
- making myself look like a girl
- eating homemade pizza and spilling some on my top
- carrying a six-layer cake around the corner
- panicking over whether the cake worked

- blushing at everyone's kind words about the cake
- drinking a bottle of red wine

- getting overly competitive at Singstar
- uttering the phrase "NEVER apologise for victory!"
- becoming overall Singstar victor
- stumbling into bed at 2:15am

- waking up far too early considering how late to bed I was
- tidying my room after the chaos of the previous night
- directing M while he hung my pictures for me
- deciding I could eat branflakes for England
- popping to Sainsbury's for more fruit and hot cross buns
- grating carrots for coleslaw

- drinking my first coffee of the year
- eating hot cross buns for lunch
- finishing Saturday's crossword
- going for a nice stroll in the sunshine

- marvelling at the complete lack of clouds
- running into J & N

- watching the rugby at J, K, R & L's
- inwardly weeping over Wales' performance
- popping to Sainsbury's again for pudding supplies
- making a simple apple tart for pudding
- drinking G&Ts with M, M, J & N
- eating M's delicious pulled pork, spicy coleslaw, and baguettes
- chattering over apple tart and vanilla ice cream
- breaking a glass whilst drying the dishes
- speaking to Mama CupandSaucer for the first time in two weeks
- putting myself to bed at 10:30.

And supposedly, that was a quiet weekend. How was yours?


  1. Soooooo..... by reading your post there was a lot going on.... but just looking at the photos I'd say you spent your weekend eating!!!!! Which is the best way to spend a weekend if you ask me!!! That pizza looks deeevine! xx

  2. That pizza looks amazing, I'm impressed! and the pulled pork and spicy coleslaw sounds delicious! Congrats on the cake, wish I could bake half as well as you

  3. Love it .... when you put it all in a list like that I bet you were surprised at all that you managed to fit in!

    The cake looks amazing x

  4. This is just an awesome post - from the pizza to the cake, and aren't trips to Ikea just the best?!

  5. These are gorgeous pictures & that cake looks amazing! :) Wonderful blog, glad I found it :)

    x leah symonne x


  6. That rainbow cake is amazing! Looks like a fun and productive weekend even if it was relaxing for you ;)

  7. You crammed a lot into your weekend! You should be proud of the cake it looks amazing!



  8. Posting weekend posts on a weekday? I like you, you little rebel. x

  9. Wow that is a busy weekend! I love all the yummy food, the pancakes look so yummy and well done on the cake! It's always a good day when you have hot cross buns for lunch! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  10. Haha quiet weekend?! Nah, this is normal life :) who'd want to sit indoors twiddling their thumbs all the time anyways
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  11. sounds like a great weekend! :) xoxo

  12. Oh my that cake looks amazing!
    That rugby was very horrible, this weekend's made me a lot happier :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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