Wednesday, 5 March 2014

In Which I Ponder The Nature Of Time

Oh time. You are a funny being, aren't you?

Sometimes, you slow down to the point that I feel fidgety and agitated, confused that no matter what I do, you will not move more quickly

Sometimes, I am confused by you. I don't understand how sometimes it can take me five minutes, another nearly ten, to walk the same stretch of road. 

Sometimes, you move too quickly. All to quickly it is time to leave, time to pack up, time to go to bed.

Sometimes, I make good use of you. Sometimes I don't.

I like the fact that we refer to it as spending time. As though time is a commodity we have a limited amount of- which of course, is entirely the case. 

My time in my current job is flying by. Already, we are talking of campaigns to begin in April, events in June,  and all too soon it will be September, and I will be cast adrift on the rough sea that is the job market, trying to work out where I want to be, who I want to be near, what I want to do. 

I feel that sometimes, I make excellent use of my time. My busy weekends have become a running joke in the office- Monday morning greetings of "So Alice, where have you been this weekend?" have become the norm. I tell stories of the places I've been, sights I've seen, people I've been with, trains I've nearly missed, and trade them for tales of calm weekends, family time, and languorous Sunday lunches.

And when I hear this, I question whether I really am making the best use of my time. Yes- I am all for cramming it all in, but then sometimes, a small part of me wishes my weekends were the luxuriously slow ones, with time for reading, pots of tea, slow strolls rather than quick marches.

Because sometimes, we all need to take a little bit of time.


  1. I've always been the same ... rushed into the office on a Monday morning full of tales of what I've been up to and places I've visited. I think it's nice though :) Other people's weekends always seem to consist of gardening and "not a lot" .. I think that'd bore me! It's good to get out there and see lots of things and really enjoy your time off x

  2. Perhaps you can treat yourself to the occasional luxurious weekend; reading books in bed with a box of chocolates until you doze off, and repeating again after you wake up. Or pampering, if that's your thing.

  3. I've found as i've got older time has certainly sped up, more so since moving to the US - possibly because I work from home, and in my former life of being stuck in a basement for a pharmacy without windows or a radio, time use to drag. Constantly being on the go can be fun as much as it can be tiring, it's always trying to find that balance that I seem to suck at!


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