Monday, 3 March 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 56)

I'm jotting this down in the notes section of my phone as my train zooms its way from London to Cardiff central. I've got American Pie blasting into my ears, and a little more than an hour of the journey left to go. I'm tired, full of baguette and smoothie, and happy after a lovely weekend being tourists in the Big Smoke with J.

I have a quiet week this week, of which I am in desperate need. I have been overdoing it recently, eating the wrong things, and not getting enough sleep. My body, skin, and mentality have suffered for it, and I'm excited to get back on track with some healthier eating, maybe a run, and definitely a lot more sleep.

Hopefully, this will also give me the chance to catch up with some blog writing and reading, and I won't be left scrambling for ideas at 10pm on a school (read: work, 24 year olds don't go to school) night.

Anyways. We have lots to catch up on, I'm sure- but for the time being, happiness is...

... Marks & Spencer's Belgian Milk Chocolate Peanuts. Oh my. These things are the shit, seriously. I have to ration myself to one bag per return train journey- and that's the only time I'm allowed them. And now I'm giving up chocolate for Lent (sob), I won't be able to have them until Easter at the earliest. If you aren't being as daft as I, go and get some NOW.

... a scarf the size of a blanket. I'm freezing on this train, and it's wrapped all around me and keeping me toasty warm. It did a good job of keeping me warm on the Southbank on Sunday afternoon too (in the picture above)

... Giant hotel room beds. Minds out of the gutter ladies, this is purely because it enables me to sleep diagonally across the bed without J waking me up to tell me I've stolen the whole bed. Amazing.

... whole evenings spent in the kitchen. Last week, I spent all of Monday night and all of  Wednesday night in our tiny kitchen cooking up a storm, and I was absolutely in my element. I made a huge batch of bolognese sauce, a vanilla cake with lemon frosting, roasted tomato and lentil soup, seedy walnut and pecan spelt soda bread, chocolate cupcakes (above), and lasagna. Our kitchen is so small that I never would normally be able to do this because I'd be in M's way- but I decided to see this as a benefit of her being away and leaving me all on my own!

From here
... being on time. As J learnt when escorting me to Paddington on Sunday afternoon/ evening, I'm a massive stress head when I think I'm going to be late for something, and am no fun to be around. So being on time makes me exceptionally happy- even when (particularly when?) it nearly doesn't happen.

What's making you happy this week?


  1. I definitely love blanket sized scarves! I have a tartan scarf I wrap round myself 500 times and I'm sure everyone out here in France think I'm a batty old English girl! But I have no shame :)
    Keep in touch!
    Andrea xxx

  2. those cupcakes look SO good !

  3. I want those cakes!

    Kitchen time is always time well spent. I made fish pie, soup and treacle tart tonight. Mondays are always great kitchen days- spending time cooking always helps me recover from the day itself!


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