Thursday, 20 March 2014

Blogger Book Club 3: Let's Get Picking!

So, it's time for another blogger book club!

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As much as Jenny and I loved hosting the chats on our blogs, we felt this might not be the best format for the conversations going forward. We wanted something that would be a bit more immediate, a bit more chatty, and a bit more like a real book club. And we came up with the idea of having the chat over Skype!

We aren't necessarily thinking that this will necessarily be a video call- our thoughts were more along the lines of an old-school MSN Messenger chat, though we are open to suggestions here! 

The chat will be held at 8pm (UK time) on 20th May 2014. To find out our Skype names, you'll need to sign up to our mailing list, which you can do below!

Once you've signed up, you'll also be able to help us pick our next book! Like last time, we're running a little poll to help us decide between the following books- again, if you'd like to vote, please sign up!

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The nominees are:

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I'm so excited about this chat- the books all sound great, and I'm really excited for the new format. Tea and cake will also be compulsory.


  1. I've always looked at your book club with hope that one of these times i'll have finished reading one when you re-start it.. this is that time!

  2. I wish I wasn't reading the Game Of a thrones books (even though they're awesome!) so I could join in! If only MSN were still around :( xx

  3. ^^Ahh above comment I'm reading game of thrones too! I'm finding it so hard because I watched the series first so it's kinda ruined the books for me :( maybe over summer when I have more time I will sign up! xoxo

  4. I think moving to a Skype chat is a great idea. Much more chatty. I haven't heard of any of this month's choices, so I shall hang back and see how everyone else votes :)


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