Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Oh, Life

I spent so much of last in the kitchen that I forgot to a) write the post I meant to write and  b)unpack (my room looks like a bomb made of recipe books, bedding, and giant suitcases full of clothes). I also forgot to text back three different people, so apologies for that if you were one of them, and I was fully intending to call HMRC but forgot to do that too. But hey, I had a lovely evening so I guess that's something!?

Found here. Isn't that amazing!?
I guess being pretty busy kind of goes hand in hand with forgetting to do things. I've becoming surgically attached to the little green diary I bought a few weeks ago, and it has really saved my bacon on a couple of occasions. And this coming from the girl who was voted Most Reliable/ Team Leader on a university trip to Paris. Yeesh.

On that, I need advice on great things to do/ go/ eat/ see in London this weekend. Answers on a postcard/ in a tweet/ in a comment, if you please?

Anyways. Here are a few things that are running around my head at the moment. Consider this to be vaguely organised word vomit, if you will.

OK, I love everything Deb Perelman does but these Chocolate Hazelnut Linzer Hearts just look ridiculously brilliantly amazing. I mean come on, heart shaped biscuits filled with Nutella!? I know what I'm making the moment I get a chance. I need to bake something brilliant to take to work too- I made my lovely big sister  birthday cake last night which will hopefully look amazing despite looking like a child's birthday cake from 1982. Sorry C...

I bought this jumper in "Light Moss" on Friday. No, I probably shouldn't have bought it, but i'm having a bit of a moment with pale green at the moment. It's such a pretty colour, and the jumper is so cosy that I just really couldn't resist. I promise not to wear it with my mint green jeans, I think that would probably be a little too much...

This quote is just perfect. I hope she did actually say it- I often worry with quotes I find on the internet that they've probably just been made up. This one seems fairly legit looking though, don't you think?

I spent a lot of this weekend listening to Kodaline- In A Perfect World. It's a good album, actually- I listened to it four times on the way to and from the Harry Potter Studio Tour. What can I say, it was a long journey- I listened to Taylor Swift- Speak Now twice too. I need to put more CDs in my car.

I'm possibly going to give up chocolate for Lent. I honestly think this will be truly, truly difficult, and I have lots of exciting Harry Potter related chocolate from the weekend, so I might end up bailing on it, but I think I'm going to give it a go. Isn't that the idea of Lent? To give up something you'll truly miss? One year I gave up wearing odd socks which, considering I hate odd socks with the white hot heat of 10,000 suns, wasn't that much of a challenge.

Watching the dancers at The Lion King on Friday night made me realise I don't want to be skinny- I want the stomach of a person who does absolutely tons of exercise. I want to be toned and amazing looking. If someone could come up with a way of me doing this without having to go outside in the rain, I'd appreciate it.

Finally, I'm massively enjoying having a little bit of alone time at the moment. M is off skiing in Les Arcs (lucky devil), and I am taking the time to appreciate our new carpets, sing obnoxiously loudly at 7am, and bake so vigorously that the kitchen looks like an explosion in a sugar factory.

Tell me. How are you?


  1. Ah I love the jumper, looks so cosy! This was a great post to read, even if you did think it was word vomit-esque! Often they're the best ones :) Giving up chocolate for lent is a good idea, I might (emphasis on the 'might', ready for when I back out) join you. xxx

  2. Oh I am totally with you on the wanting to be toned without going out in the rain bit!

    Lots of awesome things to do for free in London: V&A, British Museum, Science Museum, wander around Covent Garden (although I wouldn't advise eating there because they really have put the prices up to make the most of tourists). Trip to Harrods is always a bit of a laugh; they also sell some really delicious food and you can get sandwiches/baguettes made to order.

    Have a lovely time, whatever you end up doing! xx

  3. Ahh who are you going to London with, J? The V&A has an Italian fashion exhibition on atm, looks amazing!

    Giving up chocolate sounds like a huge challenge, I'm tempted though, I seriously need to kick my chocolate/sugar habit once and for all!

  4. Carpets! What a luxury in the new place - we have wooden floors and I'm sick of it! I need a big thick rug.

    If you could get me toned while I eat cake and chocolate that would be a great help too. Thanks x


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