Thursday, 6 February 2014

Life Lately

Is it terribly vain to start a post with a picture of myself? Sorry, I'm going to do it anyways- I like this picture and I needed an excuse to put it on the internet. And hey- when the designated photographer for the night tells you the best pictures from the party were the ones of you, it seems rude not to share one of said pictures- right!?

A lot has been going on recently- as always- so I thought I'd share a few of the snaps I found on my phone last night and use them to explain what's been going on. Honestly- right now, though I am wildly happy in many, many ways, I  feel like I might be starting to get a little bit burnt out. I'm looking forward to a change of scenery this weekend, seeing J next weekend, and being back in Devon the following weekend- I'm in need of a bit of looking after, as I'm tired, and tired of looking after myself, and entertaining people, and being a good person. Really, all I want right now is for someone to bring me a cup of tea in the mug below while I'm in bed reading. 

J bought me that cup for my birthday and I adore it. It's the perfect size for a morning cup of tea, and feels slightly daintier than my other Emma Bridgewater half-pint mugs. I think it would also be great for eating ice cream, yoghurt and fruit, or sweets out of.

After our 1920s party, a whole host of people stayed. L, the birthday boy, and I cooked everyone an enormous breakfast the next morning- that huge stack of toast was barely touched, and I was so cross about having to throw it away. Who has any ideas of things you can do with leftover toast?! It would seem there isn't anything.

New job is going well- I like the people I'm working with a lot, though they seem not to be as cakey as the people I used to work with. However, one of the girls brought in a courgette, raisin, and walnut cake the other day and it was so tasty with a big mug of tea. If I were to make it myself (and I can't, as I don't have the recipe), I would add a lime cream cheese frosting just to give it a little boost from the realms of super-healthy-cake. And I love my commute- though the driving wind and rain definitely make walking to and from work a little less fun. Oh well, spring will be here soon, right!?

I'm enjoying cooking for myself a lot. I like being able to eat what I want, when I want, rather than having to collaborate with anyone. Recent dishes have included variations on Rosie's Dip n Share Eggs and Nouvelle Daily's Beef and Onion Cobbler- I didn't make either completely to the letter, because I never do with recipes, but both were fantastic and come highly recommended.

J and I went for supper at The Meating Place the other day, and it was so good. Because we were having an evening to ourselves, I took the executive decision not to make any attempts at recording the evening for blogging purposes- because sometimes, that sucks the fun out of things. However, when our hanging skewers of lamb (me) and beef (him) came out and were hung from the ceiling above our table, I couldn't not take a picture. If I go back, I'll blog it properly, promise!

My siblings and I took a mass trip to the Wales vs Italy game. I know I try not to share pictures of people I know on here, but I absolutely love this picture of me with my brothers- it kind of sums up our whole relationship, to be honest. And my sister made me wear that hat- it was not my choice, okay!?

And I'm moving on Monday too, all being well! At the moment though, I'm spending a lot of time at the kitchen table- it's the most perfect table ever, which I know sounds ridiculous but I am completely in love with it and determined to have one like it if I ever own my own home. And the kitchen is a nice, warm place to be- in my opinion, it is absolutely the heart of any home, and will be the centre of mine if I ever get to the point of owning a house. Unlikely, but then so many unlikely things happen that I suppose you can never be sure.

I bought the daffodils to cheer myself up after getting some crappy news on Sunday. They came in useful again on Tuesday when I wanted to send them to someone else who needed cheering up. They make me think of spring and brighter days to come, even when I'm feeling a bit flat. 

But generally, everything is ticking along nicely. Now tell me- how are you?


  1. That's a lovely picture of you - great costume :) I love daffodils for making the house feel all sunshiney too.

  2. You are wonderful. I know that burnt out feeling very well - Sam told me I've the busiest person he's ever met. I really need a sleep. But hey, it's fun, right?!

  3. Sounds like you've been really busy! It's always nice to have lots of plans but definitely make some time to regroup and relax this weekend - you sound like you need it! P.S. Love the picture at the top x

  4. This post is great :) you've been so busy!
    You look stunning in that first photo - your head piece is amazing.
    You are too good a person cooking all that for everyone! So crazy! If i'd been there i woulda mopped up all the toast, I love toast!
    The picture of you and your brothers is lovely, looks like they are really fun :)
    Me and one of my housemates sometimes buy flowers for the house when we're feeling a bit low as well :)

    I had a busy couple of weeks and then crashed and got soo ill, so bored, i want to be well so I can be busy again!

  5. I heart that picture of you and your brothers! It is so cute. Your family looks fun! May I be adopted into the Cup and Saucer family? I can bake (to an average level), and I can drive and I don't drink- not saying you all look like drinkers, I am just a good designated driver... Sold?

    Also, you look pretty as a flapper, the 21st Century is the wrong one for you my dear.

    Emma x


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