Sunday, 2 February 2014

Happy Birthday Blog

As of today, I've officially been blogging for a year.

I'm not sure how I thought blogging would be when I started, but I've absolutely loved sharing my thoughts, opinions, and life on this little corner of the Internet over the last twelve months.  I absolutely love having a space to share my thoughts, vent, or just show people what's in my bag without people thinking I'm weird.

There have been some great unintended consequences of blogging too- namely my PE crew, a beautiful group of new girlfriends who I speak to on a daily basis, and who I wish I could spend more actual, physical time with (it makes me sad that we're scattered all over the country). 

And while chatting to one of the girls in this group, the lovely Jenny of Sunny Sweet Pea, I asked about waterpolo- and instead, she told me about korfball. And korfball has now become a sport I love- which is bizarre, coming from a girl who always hated PE at school and who was regularly picked last for anything remotely resembling a ball sport.  I never thought I'd find a sport I loved to play, and I have blogging to thank for that.

And if I hadn't started playing  korfball, I wouldn't have met J. And I am SO pleased I met J, because he's pretty great and is making me very happy.  So you could say that there's a direct causal link between me blogging, and me being with J. And that's pretty cool, actually. 

And I love blogging for getting to chatter to  some pretty awesome people from all over the world. People who seem to enjoy my ramblings, which is pretty greatrex, and whose thoughts, fears, and victories are shared with me. I love the community of blogging, where whatever you say there is always, always someone who will go "I understand, I've been there too". 

And yes, there are downsides to blogging- the perpetual picture taking, the pressure to post regularly (I'm sorry for the lack of posts last week- I needed the break to stop my head from exploding), the focus on page views and likes and comments and  follower numbers, the competitiveness, or the pressure to keep up with the Joneses.

But really, when it comes down to it- blogging at it's purest is a wonderful thing. It's a place to vent, to celebrate, to commiserate, to share. So happy birthday blog- I'm hoping I'll be doing it for a good while longer.


  1. Happy blog birthday to you! Here's to another year of posts! :)


    Thank you for starting blogging. You blogging has changed my life. I love you xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday Blog! Sounds like it's brought you so many lovely friends - the positives definitely outweigh the negatives! I made a friend early in 2009 when I first started blogging and we continue to be in daily contact - now via Facebook and Instagram as well as the blog. I hope one day I get to meet her as she lives all the way in Seattle. Funny how you feel you know someone well but have never even heard their voice! x
    PS: Great cake! x

  4. Happy blog birthday! I have recently been blogging for a year and I feel that I haven't really put my all into it however this year will be different!
    Such an amazing feeling when you get to a year isn't it? :)

    Leah x

  5. Happy birthday to your blog! I love that it's brought you so many positives this year. And I'm totally with you on being able to share what's in your bag without people thinking you're weird, perfectly said!

  6. The power of blogging! Wow. Happy Blogger Birthday!

    PS. I have to ask, what in the heck is Korfball?!

  7. Happy blog birthday! It sounds like it's been a wonderful year for you. It's true that there are a few negatives to blogging, but I think the positives outweigh those by far. I hope on your next blog birthday you've had as good a year as this one xx

  8. Happy blog birthday lovely, here's to many more years of blogging and PEs!

  9. Happy blog birthday ;) yaaaaayyy! Love your blog always, is one of my top favourites :D xoxo

  10. Happy Blog Birthday! I have just found you on Twitter as like you I missed #lbloggers chat too :) xx

  11. Happy Blog Birthday to you, Alice! It's a great milestone to reach xx

  12. I know I'm a bit late in saying this but Happy Blog Birthday! It was Rosie who introduced me to your lovely blog last year and I'm glad I stumbled across it - I've loved following your adventures (hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish!). Here's to many more happy years of blogging! :-) x


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