Monday, 10 February 2014

Happiness Is... (vol. 54)

As I post this, I'll be at the end of what will surely have been an awesome weekend with some unbelievably awesome bloggers- so prepare for all the posts on that which are bound to be bouncing in your direction pretty shortly. Big huge thanks go out to Hannah for her organisation skills and for coming up with an excuse for me to spend time with my beloved Ellie, Bess, and Jenny, and meet all the other lovely bloggers we've spent our weekend with.

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And if that wasn't reason enough to be happy, well, I have a few more below. I'm well aware that these posts may not be my most popular- they aren't my most read, commented on, or liked on Bloglovin, but they're some of my favourites to write because they force me to focus on the good. They get me to focus on those little things which make me smile on a day to day basis, and that are all too easy to forget sometimes. So regardless of whether anyone reads these posts, I'll keep doing them for me, because they make me feel good about myself.

So. This week, happiness is...

... the people who don't give up on you when you have a strop on the phone and burst into tears for no good reason. They're the good ones, and the ones you need to keep around you.

... walking to work. I may have been rained on more times than I have not been rained on, and discovered that none of my shoes are waterproof (seriously, I'm going to have to start walking in and out in my wellies soon) but actually, walking to and from work is so great. I'm walking around four miles a day, and I feel healthier for it, my skin is better, and I can use it as an excuse to eat all the chocolate. Winning all around.

... ice cream in bed. Because really, are there few things more decadent and brilliant than sharing a pint of Ben & Jerry's in bed!? No, no there are not. 

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... planning. I may feel ever so slightly stressed by the fact that I already have weekends booked up all the way to May, but actually, I absolutely love planning things. I'm hoping beyond hope that between now and the autumn I can plan in a long weekend in Paris (because why not? As we all know, Paris is always a good idea), and perhaps a week away somewhere sunshiney- maybe Italy, or Greece. And maybe, if I have the leave/ funds for it, a few days in New York. I'm sure some of these plans won't come off, but the planning is half the fun regardless of whether it actually happens. And I'm enjoying planning all the things I have coming up in the next few weeks- and I can't wait to share a lot of those things with all of you.

... making friends with the oven again. When I made the apple cake and the chocolate chip shortbread biscuits, the oven and I fell out. I was not happy with the burnt bottoms, and I vowed not to bake in that oven again. Well, I failed at that resolution, and the other evening made these cookies- which are amazing and I strongly recommend you try them. And you know what? They came out well! Oven, we're officially friends again.

What's making you happy this week?


  1. I'm jealous of your travel planning, might have to start doing some myself! :)

  2. Woweee a bloggers weekend, how exciting - I hope it was amazing! I look forward to snooping the photos! I hope you get lots of holiday plans nailed down! x

  3. Oh Alice, I'm SO happy that lots of exciting things are happening for you! Also - I'm a teensy bit jealous about your blogger meetup :) It sounds wonderful. Dream and plan and dream some more! Like you said, planning's half the fun. Oh, and there's definitely nothing better than ice cream in bed. B&J Peanut Butter Me Up is my personal fave. Keep on with these posts, 'cause there one of my favourites that you do.
    Big snogs,
    Bella xxx


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