Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bloggers Do Dorset- Part Two

Goodness me, I really have been slack with these Dorset posts, haven't I?! Oh well, means you all get to enjoy my posts long after you've read all about what we did on someone else's blog... 

Anyways. I left off last time after a trip to Lulworth Cove, and us all nearly being blown into the sea. Well, after a well earned cup of tea and free apple (I know I mentioned those last time as well, but really- free apples? In a pub? They deserve all the mentions they can get), we all piled back into the cars with the intention of heading straight to Dorchester for a spot of lunch.

Well, Ibbs, Bess, Jenny and I had a slightly different plan... While CherylBeccaFreyaHannah, and Ellie zoomed off into the distance, I pulled into the little pub car park in the village of West Lulworth so we could play blogger and take pictures of the beautiful little houses in the village.

After a little while though, we decided that it would probably be best if we weren't caught peering through someone's living room window so we hightailed it back to the car and made our way into Dorchester, managing to avoid the vast majority of the puddles/ small lakes on the road on the way, and singing loudly to T-Swizz's Speak Now.

Hannah had planned for us all to go for lunch at Re-Loved, a vintage-shop-cum-tearoom. As we piled into the tiny downstairs store, I have to admit that I was dubious as to whether we'd be able to get a table for nine hungry bloggers- but Re-Loved delivered a table bit enough for us all to sit around comfortably. Result!

It only took a quick glance at the menu and a quicker glance at the specials' board for me to decide that I would be lunching on a burger. Half the girls decided to join me in this, while Ibbs went for ham and eggs (and possibly won in the ordering stakes, it looked amazing), Hannah went for a savoury cream tea, and Jenny went with Bubble and Squeak, complete with baked beans served in a teacup. Genius.

Image belongs to Jenny

Image belongs to Ibbs
While we lunched and chattered, I spotted the delicious looking array of (gluten free) cakes on the sideboard- and I am not one to turn down an enormous piece of Victoria Sponge cake, even after a burger and with the promise of popcorn and chocolate back at the house. Jenny, Ellie and Bess decided to join me in this, so we split two pieces between the four of us- which came complete with white chocolate mice. We lingered over our cake while a few of the girls decided to pop off for a little mooch around the town- but given that it was bucketing down and I'd left my parapluie dans la voiture, I was quite happy to stay in the cosy warmth of the cafe.

All too soon though, Bess reminded me that I'd promised to take her to Tesco for a few supplies for Sunday's roast lunch, so we made tracks while the others headed back to the house. By the time we joined them, Cheryl had got the fire roaring, the popcorn was on the go, and we all settled down in front of Leap Year for a cosy afternoon.

However, put nine girls in the same place at the same time and you're bound to get a good deal of silliness. Before long, we all had eyeliner freckles on our cheeks and Freya was trying to teach everyone to dance- as you can see below... 

Seriously. Two glasses of wine and everyone is Beyonce.

I'll give it a rest there for the time being- but stick around for pictures of the Cerne Abbas giant, and his, um... yeah. And don't forget to check out the other girls in the meantime:
IbbsBessJenny, CherylBeccaFreyaHannah, and Ellie

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  1. Looks like lots of fun! Those houses are adorable. And all the food looks great!


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