Friday, 10 January 2014

What's In My (New) Bag?

I know I've done a "what's in my bag" post before (it's here, if you're interested), but I was given an exceptionally beautiful new handbag for Christmas, so I thought I'd do another one.

My dad gave me the bag for Christmas- bless him, he's the sort of man who if you tell him precisely what you would like, he will go out and buy it. He's not so good at the thinking up of surprises, but that's okay- it means once a year (and once a year only), my brothers and I are treated to exactly the thing we would like, providing it's in budget. I'm aware that makes us sound incredibly spoilt- please believe me when I say we really really aren't. We're adults- for the most part, we buy ourselves the things we want. 

But anyways. When I first saw this bag on the Zara website, I fell instantly in love. I am not the sort of girl who goes out and buys a new handbag every other week. I have no idea why- I just would rather spend my money on a new dress than on a new handbag. Conversely, LR has lots of lovely bags and shoes and whenever I find myself in her bedroom, I always wonder to myself why I don't choose to spend my money that way. So when I find myself falling in love with a bag, I must must have it, because it really doesn't happen that often. 

(The exceptions to this are any "designer" handbags. Obviously I am not going to fork out a month's wages on a bag, because in my personal opinion, that's just stupid)

So far, I've managed to avoid completely cramming things into this bag. I managed to completely destroy the strap of my old handbag by carrying around FAR too much with me, and managed to scare myself when I totted up how much it was worth, so we aren't playing that game this time. My new year's resolution is to travel LIGHT. 

So really, this bag contains the basics. In actuality, within about three days there will also be a bar of chocolate, an apple, a book, probably some hand cream, possibly a hairbrush, and a miscellaneous collection of hair ties and kirby grips, but for now, let's revel in the fact that I was once able to get by without all the extra rubbish.

The purse is one I picked up in Thailand- it's my favourite purchase I made there, and I do get a lot of compliments on it because it's pretty unusual. It contains all the standard paraphernalia, including my RAC membership card which is essential considering the fact that my car seems to dislike being whole, and I'm scared of breaking down and not being able to be rescued.

The umbrella is, quite frankly, a necessity- it's a blue and white striped Accessorize beauty, and has seen me through many a rainy day. Unfortunately, far too often I forget that I keep an umbrella with me at all times, and get soaked- only realising when I get inside. And I always carry a bottle of water- I get really thirsty, and I don't like not knowing where/ when I'll be able to get a drink. Yes, I know it's weird. And the pens are because you never know when you're going to need to scribble something on someone's hand, do you?

I always always have my phone and headphones with me, because a) I'm addicted to my phone and b) sometimes it's nice to drown the world out. Unfortunately, a pen exploded in my last handbag and now my headphones are rather fetchingly monochrome (one is black, one is white) but they still kind of work so we'll go with it. The creme brulee Vaseline has lasted for AGES purely because I "lost" it in a handbag I very rarely use, but I'm pleased about this- it's amazing. Car keys are, of course, a necessity- though poor little Henri won't be being used as much once I move, because I will be able to walk to work- which feels like such a novelty at the moment, after 10 months of a 100-mile-a-day commute.

What do you keep in your handbag? Is there anything essential I've completely forgotten to put in mine?


  1. Yeah, how is it that bags slowly fill up with complete rubbish that you 'have' to have, just incase. Beautiful bag though, you can always count on Zara for handbags :)

  2. Your new handbag is beautiful :)
    I treated myself to a Zara tote bag recently - they make such lovely bags :)
    Good luck with the whole 'traveling light' thing :) I'm awful at travelling light but then going to and from uni I usually have a laptop/notebook/pens/sometimes textbooks. No wonder my bags are always strained to the limit!!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  3. Gorgeous handbag! I'd add a pack of disposable tissues, strip of paracetemol, and put the pens in a tiny pencilcase in case of further explosions. It's far too nice a bag to have pens leaking inside it!

  4. My bag seems to be an extension of my house. I'm never without my diary but never actually seem to use it. I bought a new purse in the Cath Kidston sale and now realise that it's a bit of a squeeze to get it into any of my bags. Whoops! x

  5. What a beautiful bag! I've just had the honourary yearly bag clear out so currently it only has my purse, keys, work alarm and ID and a bottle of water...give it a month and it'll be full of receipts ;) xo


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