Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Grey Dress Conundrum

Whilst packing for the move, I realised I have a massive gap in my workwear wardrobe. And that gap is shaped like a grey dress.

TopshopH&MJoules (no longer available), H&M

I own an awful lot of grey- it's a colour I feel like I suit, which is weird as apparently it's a colour which makes a lot of people looked quite washed out. But I have bluey-grey eyes, and when I wear grey (or blue, actually) they do seem to stand out and that's a good thing, right?! I appear to have accumulated no less than seven grey items of knitwear, but I have no grey dresses. And I'm now very sad about this.

I absolutely fell in love with the Joules Alexi dress in grey- after I bought it in navy (which I also adore). In all honesty, this is the perfect grey dress for me- seriously comfortable, an appropriate length, not too low cut, smart enough for work but also something I could wear outside of work. Did I buy it when I had the chance? No, no I did not.

So I'm now looking elsewhere. The two H&M dresses (here and here) are good- very good- but are perhaps just a little smarter than I would like. And as much as I love the simplicity of this Topshop dress, it's definitely not what I'm after as far as workwear goes. This ASOS dress is okay- but I can't be doing with the hassle of buying and returning a dress I only think is okay. My favourites of MangoOasis, and Warehouse don't have anything I like. What is this?! 

So I think I shall be remaining grey dress-less for a little while longer, unless any of you can find me the perfect one- under £50, and just generally perfect. OK? Brilliant, ta muchly.


  1. I love grey! I wear it a lot as it's so versatile. I'll keep a look out (who am I kidding? I'm always on the look out) for one but grey dresses to tend to be an autumn / winter thing sadly.

  2. I have the same thing with grey - I love wearing it and it seems to suit me quite well. You might be lucky and get something in the January sales - good luck!

    The Happy Chapess

  3. I saw this post and decided that I need a grey dress in my life! I like grey too and used to have a beautiful grey dress from La Redoute - bought years ago - and I was gutted when I eventually wore it to death!

  4. I have a lovely grey dress that I bought in Kew a couple of years ago and sadly it's become my funeral dress. I've now worn it to two funerals in winter when I need to wear something warm underneath (like a thick thermal vest). I'm hoping to wear it for a happy occasion soon. Good luck with your hunt! Keep us posted! x


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